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Space Walker


Being a starving artist is a rite of passage in the music industry. Having to struggle for your music gives it a soul.

Nothing could be truer for starving artist April Walker.

Walker has lived in Sacramento for 11 months and is in her second semester at City College. She is a self-proclaimed free spirit and born-again hippie. Walker, known by her stage name Space Walker, is an up-and-coming, singer-songwriter who believes that an education from City College can help further her career in music.

Confidence in herself and her music has not come easy for Walker. Being labeled a misfit, she says, plagued most of her childhood while growing up in Fairfield.

“I thought growing up that my dreams of being a musician were impractical,” says Walker. “I thought if I couldn’t succeed at it then I shouldn’t even try.”

These deeply planted seeds of doubt became uprooted during a trip she took to Costa Rica.

“The scenery and nature there is so beautiful,” Walker says. “I had a lot of time to contemplate the issues in my life. I came back to Fairfield and I knew I was going to do whatever it took to accomplish my goals.”

The goals she set after returning from Costa Rica were supported by her family, like her aunt, Jazmine Applin.

“She has always been creative,” says Applin. “We have creative people in our
family. We have poets, painters and musicians. April was just surrounded by art.”

Compared to Sacramento, Fairfield is a small town where a person’s opinion in grade school can follow someone into adulthood. Walker moved to Sacramento 11 months ago to shed that small-town way of thinking.

“Coming from a small town, the city is more accepting,” says Walker. “There are more opportunities with networking in the music scene here.”

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“She plays really good,” says friend Eric Coleman. “You wouldn’t expect all that voice to come out of such a tiny person.”

But not all new city experiences have been good for this new girl. Recently Walker was a victim of theft.

In the middle of October, Walker was waiting for the light rail to go home when she was approached by a young man to use her cell phone. She agreed, thinking he was a fellow college student and could be trusted. The young man ran away immediately after getting his hands on the phone.

Not to be taken advantage of, Walker chased him down and tackled him to the ground. She demanded her phone back and he handed it over.

“I chased after him Batman-style!” says Walker.

This misadventure ended up inspiring the young songstress to write the song “Batmon”, with variant spelling and reggae inspiration. She performs the song for open mic on Mondays at Sol Collective.

Walker describes her music as alternative soul. She is influenced by Motown and classic rock music. What she has learned and experienced in her life is also incorporated in her music.

“April’s music is refreshingly punk rock,” says friend Andru Defeye. “She has a keen sense of self-awareness to her music. She reminds me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs if they knew how to get hyphy.”

You may see Walker, with her small 5-foot-5 stature, walking about campus. She is usually dressed in what she calls a collage of colors and prints, with a guitar strapped to her back.

April Walker is a determined young artist, persusing her dreams at City College. Her music, like her clothing, is a representation of things that inspire her.

“I write about things in my life that I hope other people can relate to,” says Walker. “I just want to be successful doing something I love.”

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