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A letter from the editor
February 6, 2024

Love happens in cyberspace

Laura Melchor and her boyfriend of one year, William Martinez, are sharing a laptop watching “The Proposal” during lunch time. Photo by || Libby Parenti || [email protected]

Dating has come a long way since dating parties where the young girl was set up with a specific boy. It has evolved into different forms and dating nowadays is known as “hooking up,” “hanging out,” and even “talking.”

Also, thanks to the advent of technology and social networking sites, a person can (virtually) know someone before he or she gets the chance to meet them in person.
According to “The National,” 40 million Americans use social networking sites in the quest for love. The evolution of the dating scene alleviates a fraction of the nervousness of meeting someone new and also, some of the emotional burden attached to it.

Elmer Shaw, a City College student, feels that a casual relationship is preferable to dating because it’s not as complicated.

“I think older people have gotten to the point where they don’t want to complicate things with dating. Dating has always been a nervous thing for me,” Shaw says. “You’re interviewing someone for a relationship. That’s what dating is for me.”

Not only has dating gotten more nonchalant, interpersonal communication has gotten lost in technology. City College student and nursing major Michael Edwards feels that a Facebook conversation is not the same as a personal conversation because it’s more words than actual sincerity.

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Even though it seems like sincerity and romance are out the window as soon as technology rolls in, there is that small glimmer that it still exists. According to City College student Sophie Lopez, romance is still around, but it isn’t what it used to be.

“I think romance is cheapened in our culture because we often just toss it around carelessly,” Lopez says. “But I don’t think its dead.”

Romance is still alive, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. For history major Ashley Valdez, she met her husband of two years in an online chat-room. According to Valdez, her husband immediately fell in love with her as soon as they started chatting.

Devin Curonjager and his girlfriend of one year, Xuejing Ling, share earphones and listen to, Kid Cudi. Photo by || Libby Parenti || [email protected]

“My first reaction was that he was pretty cool and pretty persistent to get to know me,” Valdez says. “He fell in love with me instantly.”

Even though dating has different names or changed forms, whether it be through phone or online. It comes down to the fact that it can still surprisingly evoke that lovey-dovey feeling in you.

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