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A letter from the editor
February 6, 2024

    Serial dater or relationship hater?

    Do relationships make you run, or are you always ready for the plunge?

    Christine Carey | Managing Editor
    [email protected]

    Being alone is tough for some people. However, starting a relationship with someone because you are in need of company may not be the best idea for a budding relationship. Take this quiz to see if your relationship is based on your emotional needs or your desire to please.

    Mark an X in every box that applies to you:
    [ ] You have had so many relationships you can’t even fathom the idea of counting them all.
    [ ] You constantly need to be around people, even when you’re brushing your teeth.
    [ ] You look forward to movie nights alone at your house; it doesn’t get any better than that.
    [ ] Being in a classroom full of people makes you anxious.
    [ ] You tend to bring home a different guy/girl every week or so.
    [ ] When a relationship ends, your last name is Rebound.
    [ ] Sometimes you find yourself wishing you could go hide in a dark room.
    [ ] Having company of the opposite sex seems to boost your self-esteem and make you want to be the center of attention.
    [ ] You love to hear the words “I love you,” even if it’s on the second date.
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    [ ] You go out almost every night.

    [ ] Most people who know you would call you an introvert.
    [ ] You constantly fish for compliments.
    [ ] You hate it when your roommate brings people home.
    [ ] You don’t mind if your guy/girlfriend hangs out with other people sometimes.
    [ ] Most of the time, you wish you lived alone.
    [ ] You’re not really self-conscious, only sometimes.
    [ ] The word marriage makes you cringe.
    [ ] When you’re in a relationship, you stop talking to most of your friends.
    [ ] You wouldn’t mind being in a relationship but you’re so busy, you don’t know if you would have time for someone else’s needs.

    0-10 points: The Independent

    You are the type of person who depends on yourself for happiness. This is good. However there could be an underlying issue going on. If you don’t have time for a relationship or you just don’t feel the need for one right now, you could be emotionally stable or emotionally blocked. If you aren’t in a relationship because you have been hurt before, you may be putting up a wall that could destroy a future bond with someone. Just make sure you are single for the right reasons. You could miss out on a lot of experiences if you separate your feelings with something the size of the Berlin Wall.

    11-20 points: The Needy

    Wow, insecure much? You hop from relationship to relationship looking for that one person to constantly make you feel better about yourself. Slow down! This is dangerous territory. All you are doing is using someone, like an addict uses heroin. Being with someone to make yourself feel better is just going to hurt you and the person you are with. Just remember, if you’re not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with anyone else. Try and spend more “alone time” with yourself and stop being so critical. Build your independence and security by depending on yourself to feel better rather than someone else. A relationship will last longer the more secure you are. Be confident and proud about who you are, and if someone doesn’t like it, then you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.

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