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City College parking enforcement

Nazia Shah | Staff Writer | [email protected]

Students parking incorrectly create violations that result in citations

Ticketing officers are monitoring parking violations on campus, which leaves students who are not parking correctly or do not have valid parking permits at risk of getting a parking ticket.

“The most common parking violations ticketing officers cite for are not having a visible parking permit on dashboard, not having a parking permit, and parking outside of boundary lines,” said Christopher Boothe,
a Los Rios District Officer who has been with the district for two years. “More recently students using a handicapped placard that belongs to someone else, which is a costly fine and can be close to $1,000 and is also a misdemeanor charge.”

Ticketing officers receive training on how to issue citations for parking violations on campus and are in a separate category than campus patrol officers, Boothe said.

“The ticketing officers are trained underneath a higher ticketing officer on how to find parking violations,” said Boothe.

The procedures ticketing officers must follow when issuing citations are: first, see the violation; second, document the violation; third, take a photo of the violation, and write down the car’s license plate and vehicle identification number.

The ticketing officer must also use knowledge from his or her training along with judgment calls and a general opinion on what constitutes a parking violation, Boothe said.

Parking over the boundary lines is one of the most common violations on campus. If two cars are out of the boundary lines, they are both ticketed, Boothe said.

According to Boothe, it is important for students to be aware of parking correctly in a space and to make sure the space is not
restriced to avoid a citation.

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“I drive a huge fricking Mitsubishi van, so it makes it hard to find parking [in the garage],” said Harman. “I got a ticket for being over the lines. It made sense. I parked in a compact spot, but there are a lot more compact spaces than large spaces.”

According to Harman, an overwhelming number of the parking spaces in the parking garage are compact spaces, and smaller, compact cars tend to use the larger spots that are available without discretion.

“That leads drivers of larger vehicles to take a
spot that is too small, Harman said.”

A typical parking citation costs $33 if it is paid within the month it is issued, and students can also request an appeal if they feel they are wrongfully ticketed.

According to the Request for Citation Review paperwork, “Requests for administrative review must be received at the Citation Processing Center within 21 days of violation date or within 14 days of the mailing date of a Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation.”

Students must state the reason for appeal in the paperwork to have it reviewed for an appeal. According to the Processing Center, no appeals can be accepted by the Los Rios Community College District or Police Department. All appeals must be mailed to the Citation Processing Center in Newport Beach, California, within 14 days
of the violation.

According to the parking citation, if students fail to pay the fine on time or go through the appeals process, the cost will double and it can end up on their DMV records.

“The process is fair and straightforward. If students buy a semester permit and make time to park correctly within the boundary lines, they will save themselves from getting parking tickets,” said Boothe.

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