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A letter from the editor
February 6, 2024

    Lending a helping hand

    Sophomore Natalie Lopez works at the Los Rios Police Department on the City College campus | Dianne Rose |
    Sophomore Natalie Lopez works at the Los Rios Police Department on the City College campus | Dianne Rose | [email protected]

    Justice comes in many forms. Whether it presents itself as police oficers dutifully carrying out their obligation to protect their fellow people, or if it is someone who fights for a more equal, respectful community in protests and campaigns, justice will forever be present in our society.

    When you think of those who fight for and protect lawfulness, the image of a valiant hero comes to mind. However, a local hero on City College’s campus presents a different visual. Natalie Lopez, 20, can be found working as a counter clerk in the college police department on campus, adorned in earth tones and expressing a reserved demeanor. Lopez attends to students and staff members and organizes paperwork, which appears to be a mundane job at first glance. But working in the department is exactly where this student wants to be.

    “I like to help. I’m like their assistant now, helping them organize their office space,” says Lopez, “though filing is not my passion. It’s not the career path I want.”

    Lopez is an artist who regularly attends local art gatherings, a 3D artist who creates pieces with paper mache, a costume-maker, and a writer who runs an online blog that pertains to many interests, one of these being involvement in social issues.

    “I like educating myself on social issues,” says Lopez. “I mean, there are tons of views on an argument, and it’s important not to be closed-minded.”

    Being busy with work and school, Lopez isn’t currently affiliated with any clubs on campus. There were a few clubs that were appealing to Lopez, such as the video game club and WORD, a women’s organization. Lopez has been attending City College for three years and is currently taking a psychology class and a public speaking class. When it comes to the future, Lopez’s prime aspiration is to help others

    “There’s so many things that are wrong in the world that I’d like to fix,” Lopez says. “So many people in need, so many things missing from people in this country, in the world. But yeah, I’d like to make a positive change to help people in need.”

    Sara Chadwick also works in the police department with Lopez.

    “Very organized. [She’s] focused, very focused on her own task. Very professional,” says Chadwick of Lopez.

    But it’s not only coworkers that ad- mire Lopez’s attentiveness and creativity.

    Brittney Holley, a friend of Lopez, said that Lopez allowed her to see a different side to many things in our society.

    “Natalie made me really aware of the issues of gender and sexes,” says Holley, “like how anyone outside of the gender binary are discriminated against and forced to be something that they’re not. And how little things like pronouns can impact their lives. Also how there is a lack of media representation for women and people of color. And if there is any, it’s usually done in a very culturally insensitive way.”

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