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Clowns on the left, jokers on the right

Gung-ho cowboys shoot from the hip with a freshly-rolled cigarette seeping from the corner of their mouths. Barrels are loaded and heads covered with a ten-gallon hat.

The lassoing of big business, Christian extremists screaming anti-gay remarks and fracking things up.

Children sit at the same podium preaching peace, love and progression. They sway back and forth with tambourines, flutes and ukuleles.

“Relent your guns,” they say, “and your 32 oz. sodas.”

This is in accordance with the New York ban on the 32 oz. soda, a staple of the American diet.

For years, I’ve regurgitated the same “vote or die” bulls— spiel to my mother.

“The founders of this country fought for our rights, you unpatriotic jerk,” I’ve told her.

However, at the all-knowing age of 19 and with a presidential election coming up, I’ve finally realized my lack of enthusiasm in democracy.

The democratic process may be filled with educated and intuitive voters, but I’ve met very few people in general who fit this description.

In reality—and to the demise of my sanity—the same people, who can’t get my order right at the drive-thru are also given the right to vote. People I wouldn’t trust with a turd drying in the sun are given the right to decide on the leaders of my country.

Let’s add on top that Mitt Romney is a businessman driven by dollar signs—might not be too bad for America right now—and Obama just lacks overall experience, even after a term in the Oval Office.

I’m sick of the lesser of two evils philosophy. I’ll be unhappy with either schmuck and I refuse to advocate for either of them.

As we can see in California the agendas of Democrats and Republicans really don’t mesh well.  This must be due to years of hereditary bull-headedness, insults, scandals, and the overall douche-baggery that comes with politics.

You can say what you want about the stereotypical baggage relating to the closed-minded Republicans fueled by greed, conservative hate and Christian fundamentals—not to forget taxing the s— out of the proletariat that helped found this country.

Honest conservatives are fiscally sound and interested in preserving American foundations—owning guns and drinking 32 oz. sodas, for example.

Democrats are normally held to the esteem of socialist tree-hugging hippies, cruising through the streets in their hybrids and advocating taxes for the poor and taking guns off the streets—32 oz. sodas as well.

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In reality, their concern for the environment is refreshing and interest in a class of people, (the poor) that most of them truly know nothing about is very admirable.

I’m ripped between two losing sides of political conquest.

America was founded on the themes of liberty and freedom—oaths that will never be achieved until both sides look past their morals, egos and selfish agendas.

We live in a country founded on the rights to shoot big guns and flip butterfly knives, a country that, if you want, can grow up to be that dumba– without a seat belt drinking a 32 oz. soda.

We live in a country that should take a stand for the elderly and weak; a country that should provide medical-care and refuge for genuine citizens—legal or not.

America has freedoms and opportunities like no other country in the world.

People should marry whom they want. Big business sucks, but even the douche-bag tycoons reserve the right to be immoral within the restrictions of capitalism. Pollution may kill us all and animals should be eaten with dignity.

Not everyone can afford milk on his or her own while others are pimping the system for every free morsel they can get their grubby hands on.

I recently read in the SN&R that, “California is becoming a progressive boiling pot of cultures.” The author claimed progression and togetherness while wielding the horrifying phrase, “New World Order.”

Religion, race and social class are working together in ways never before seen in history. However, the two most influential groups of America are clashing together in modern Titanomachy.

Both sides are fighting for sole control of America’s rights and morals. This clash of super powers proves that nothing in politics is genuine.

Are we progressing if our country refuses to agree? Does your vote really count if no one is winning?

Voting means something to the millions who have fought for the freedoms and luxuries we are provided in America. Every election, however, makes a mockery of millions of lost and fighting lives.

Soldiers and dignitaries have laid their lives down for a childish poll count subsidized by bickering, name calling and popularity. A race for votes fueled by the candidates’ religion, race and even sexual habits, in total disregard of who is best fit for the job.

As we continue working against each other we remain going nowhere fast—stuck in the middle.

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