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Bike chic

City College student Jamie Santiago stands next to her trusty ten-speed in the Quad area. Photo by || Vincent Fernandez || [email protected]

The fountain quad at City College resembles a street fair at times—students with guitars sit on the benches outside the cafeteria, poised like troubadours; others can be seen playing hacky sack in the quad. Nearby, the bike racks are filled to capacity.

Biking has long had a reputation for being a sensible means of transportation and hard economic times have made it more popular among students—stylish even, according to City College students.

“You see it in a lot of Urban Outfitters’ ads, people being really fashionable and biking,” says Jamie Santiago, City College journalism and international relations major.

Lorena Beightler, a former City College student, chronicles the burgeoning bike culture in Sacramento on her blog She is also the founder of the Sacramento-based bike tour, Cycle Chic Sunday, which is inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic and commences every third Sunday of the month.

Often, Beightler takes photos of stylish bikers for her blog and says she wants to demystify the bike. For her, it’s another way of getting around town since giving up her Kia Sport convertible. “I have been car-less for two years,” says Beightler.

Beightler is both environmentally conscious and a vegetarian, but these are not the reasons she says she bikes. Instead, it’s the euphoria of the experience that energizes Beightler, she says. She sees biking as a way of engaging with the community—of knowing “what’s between point A and point B.”

For Beightler, she often gets from point A to point B in high heels.

“I’m sorry. I love looking good. I don’t like looking frumpy,” Beightler says. “I don’t dress for the route—for the getting there. I dress for whatever I’m gonna do.”

Annie Jennett, a City College English literature major, rides her teal blue mountain bike everywhere as a matter of convenience. She favors wearing jeans and T-shirts when biking.

“It’s almost faster than public transportation because you don’t have to wait for the bus,” Jennett says. “I don’t have the money for a car.”
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For many, it is their sole means of transportation.

“I don’t have a job,” says Presley Prater, City College biology major. “So I can’t buy a car.”

Prater says that he has maintained the same style since the eighth grade. He favors wearing tight pants and carries a backpack. Prater also says that the mail carrier bags, popular among bicyclists, can set a person off balance.

“You always have to think about what you wear, because you don’t want something too loose because it can get wet and cause a lot of resistance,” Prater says.

While fashion may be at the forefront of the minds of some riders, others prefer function over fashion.

“A lot of hipsters who ride fixed speed bikes, they’ll cuff their pant legs up because if your legs are baggy, the cuffs will get caught in the gear cogs,” says Tyler Chaffin, a City College philosophy major indicating his own ripped jean cuff.

This is in line with how many City College students choose their attire when opting to bike.

“When I bike I usually wear something more simple, maybe [comfortable] pants [and] a top—I don’t go crazy.” Santiago says, who also forgoes skirts altogether when biking.

Santiago also says she enjoys looking chic while biking.

“I still always want to look nice just cause I really like clothes and work in retail,” Santiago says. “I like to wear classic clothing that’s not too trendy, mixed with a little vintage here or there. Classic with a little vintage.”

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