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Would you like coffee with your cream and sugar?

City College student LaJoy Bush enjoys a latte in the quad. Bush has been drinking coffee since she was 7 years old.||Photo by Jesse Charlton

It’s just another part of the average college-aged woman’s day: classes, work and a GCB.

GCBs, or gourmet coffee beverages, are sweet coffee drinks with an avalanche of whipped cream and caramel on top. They’re the source of the queston, “Hi, would you like some coffee with your cream and sugar?”

But experts warn all that sugary sweetness could pose significant health threats.

Among female college students in their 20s, GCBs contributed to weight gain in those who habitually indulged in them, according to a 2004 study conducted by Simmons College Department of Nutrition in Boston. In the study, participants consumed at least 2.5 GCBs a week, with calories
ranging from 180-500 calories per beverage.

Jeff Christian, a registered nurse at City College, says that it’s no surprise that drinks such as Starbucks Frappuccinos are tied to weight gain because they increase a person’s recommended caloric intake for the day.

“There is limited nutritional value, and individuals who drink a GCB [and] then go have breakfast or lunch are potentially taking in more calories than they are expending,”
Christian says. “Those nutritional choices can lead to an increase in weight if the individual is not balancing the calories they take in versus the calories they burn through exercise.”

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“The main danger of overindulging in coffee drinks is probably exceeding your body’s need for calories per day and then storing the extra calories as fat,” Kirkpatrick says. “A secondary point of concern is caffeine content. You may be overdoing it and feel jittery, or you may feel a headache coming on when you don’t get your caffeinated drink. A third item may be the massive sugar load you are taking in.”

Even though dessert drinks are loaded with calories, they aren’t the only factor for weight gain among female college students, says Charlene Bondoc, a City College kinesiology major.

“Coffee alone can’t be the reason why women are gaining weight because there’s so much fast food out there, there’s no time for us [college students] to go work out every day,” Bondoc says. “A lot of [students] aren’t eating right either. There’s a bunch of [students] living off of Cup of Noodles.”

Instead of these GCBs, the best foods to consume are something organic and homemade, according to Christian. He also recommends that exercise be incorporated into a woman’s lifestyle if these drinks are in her diet.

“Purchase a blender, go to a farmer’s market and buy some fruit, get some low fat milk, ice and make a fruit drink,” Christian says. “If you are going to use some of your daily caloric intake on a drink, then make sure to burn those calories with some form of exercise.”

Christian says when it comes to GCBs, remember the golden rule of all things whipped, creamy, and delicious: Everything in moderation.

“Life is short, and it is important to do things that make you happy,” Christian says. “But it is important to find happiness in making choices that also bring you health.”

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