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A letter from the editor
February 6, 2024

Editorial: Baby blues – ZPG and me

Cartoon by Dan Curran || [email protected]

In this ever-evolving world, we as a society must always think first and foremost about the environment. Unfortunately for the environment, it only recently became cool to be “green.”

However, in this age of technology and attempts at greener living and surviving, spear-headed by the likes of Al Gore, a huge issue that seems to have slipped by most outspoken environmentalists is the issue of overpopulation.

In 1968, an American scientist named Paul Ehrlich foretold a future that could not sustain the growing mass of humans populating the Earth unbalanced with death rates. Through his research, it was found that the best possible way to curve this overpopulation was to achieve what was deemed zero population growth (ZPG), or a stabilization in birth rate to death rate as one to one.
Indeed, the Earth’s population of humans is on its way to exceeding 7 billion. The U.S. Census Bureau projections of world population are skyrocketing, the most recent predicting more than 9 billion people on the earth by 2050.

“All measures to thwart the degradation and destruction of our ecosystem will be useless if we do not cut population growth,” Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author Chris Hedges wrote in 2009.

While schools across the county experience problems in over-enrollment, a simple answer lies right before us that seems to allude many in its simplicity: Stop having so many children.
Before this editorial gets people riled up, its intention is not to completely halt the breeding process, but instead to bring an obvious problem to light in today’s society.

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Only a few hundred years ago 40 was considered old, and living to age 60 was seldom heard of. this past month, the world’s oldest man celebrated his 114th birthday.
So what makes this so important for us, the people who are here now?

College students represent a rare part of the population, given great responsibility to become the new world scholars, the bringers of light into the dark foreboding of environmental peril.

How would we treat the earth if instead of preserving its nature and habitat we propagated our own species well beyond the limits of the world resource?

We as a society should learn to curb our reproductive tendencies, especially when it comes to forming families and lineage to uphold a family line.

What is proposed here is not to stagnate or stop the well of human progeny–far from it. What is being asked is that, as young people, we think about the consequences of our breeding, which could become dangerous.

Our generation, the generation of the future, must curb its breeding as a whole so that our children, and by extent our children’s children, do not have to live in a world obliterated by lack of resources and overpopulation beyond limit.

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