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Want to learn to use your third eye?

Matthew Gerring | Staff Writer
[email protected]

On a Saturday afternoon at the Berkeley Psychic Institute’s Sacramento Campus, a small group of people gathers for a hands-on healing. Seated in a circle of metal fold-out chairs, the healers stand over them, focused, lightly placing their hands on different parts of their bodies.

The healers are students at the Institute, which, according to Sacramento Campus Director Bill Raven is the spiritual training arm of the Church of Divine Man. The church is a non-denominational Christian church with members in all 50 states.

I take a seat, and a man walks over to me. He says a prayer and begins the healing.

I’m trying not to snicker, and to banish thoughts like “This is stupid” or “Why did you let this guy touch you again?”

For students of the Institute, healing is a process of clearing clogged energy in one’s body.

When the healer finished, I asked him what he saw. He told me that I, as a spirit, was connected with my body.

When I asked someone else what he meant, I was told not to intellectualize it because “it becomes a problem-solving space, and there’s no problem to solve here.”

I left, bewildered, but sure enough, my outlook changed. I felt more in tune with myself, and with what was going on around me.

Michele Justice, former student at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, says that’s pretty common.

She says that skeptics change their mind 99 percent of the time after she gives them a healing.

“They start out thinking I’m crazy, but when it works, they’re like ‘whoa.’ I don’t try to convince them — they convince themselves,” Justice says

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“We’re teaching the person the spiritual tools — how to integrate yourself as a spirit, and how to get your body involved with what you’re doing as a spirit,” says Raven.

The next level, the Clairvoyant program, takes a year to complete, or two if you’re over 38 years old.

“The reason being that you just have more energy to clear out of your space if you’re older,” Raven says.

After that, the student can use the title reverend, and after five total years of instruction, the student can become a licensed minister.

He said only 10-20 percent of students go beyond the first level, but if you’re looking for a career change in this economic downturn, you don’t need to.

Justice said after learning to perform healings in the six-week course, so many people wanted them that she started charging $10 apiece, and even performed healings for doctors on patients before surgery.

Psychic training has other financial benefits — Justice said she uses hers to avoid speeding tickets.

“I have been pulled over where I deserved a ticket, and I would ground [the police officer],” she says. “I can change their energy so that when they walk away without giving me a ticket, they’re puzzled as to why they’re not ticketing me.”

Another Institue student, Irene Sebhat, said she uses what she learned to control physical pain.

“If you get very capable in this sort of thing, you can even move the pain out of your body. I don’t think I’m that expert yet, but I can control a lot of the pain that way. “

While it might seem tempting, don’t cancel your health insurance just yet. Despite everything she’s learned, Sebhat says her skills are not a cure-all.

“I still very much believe in doctors and pain pills.”

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