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Stop worrying and just blast Ke$ha

You're an animal. Courtesy RCA Records.

You’ve probably seen your classes contract exponentially in this long and grueling spring semester.

Well, in honor of this semester, we here at have compiled a playlist of songs that have been stuck in our heads the entire semester, helped us get through the long nights of editing copy, researching, setting up interviews with elusive subjects, studying for midterms, procrastinating on math homework, preserving the first amendment, you know, the usual. In short, it’s a soundtrack for this semester. Play it as you think back upon these past few months.

Click on the link to hear the song! Also, check out our page for the full playlist.

I live and breathe metal, and it has really been what has helped me get through a lot this semester. Channeling my frustrations into those blast beats, I think I’ve averted more than a few blow ups. Unfortunately, I would have to say that the song of my semester would have to be Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.” It’s that shot of instant party mix, that carefree but “f**k you” attitude that comes with youth, all rolled into a silly little joint that you would regret enjoying the morning after. I caught myself a few times on the commute to and from City College blasting this song that the stations would not stop playing. Don’t lie, I know you did the same at least a few times yourself. -Cecilio Padilla, Online Editor in Chief

“Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd
This song reminds me of this semester in Journalism 406 (Online Production) because it was my first semester taking journalism classes, which excited me and gave me a boost of adrenaline which produced a sense of numbness. But at the same time I was excited for what was to come, but I was also comfortable with what I was doing and happy with my results. -Chris McClain, Online Sports Editor

Don't jump! The semester's almost over. Courtesy Elektra Records

“Jumper” by Third Eye Blind
The whole semester felt as though we were heading for a ledge with no one trying to stop us. Spent more time talking people down than concentrating on work, but no one seemed to care. -Allison Valenzuela, Photo Editor

“45” by Shinedown
Why, because running a business and going to school while trying to get into the right mindset to compete at the state level for California wrestling, was all hard enough. Now throw in being webmaster and reporter .It was like having a gun to my head at all times, where it was, Do this and this or you are going to be s.o.l.. -John David Reynolds, Webmaster

“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins
This semester with two journalism classes, I felt always on the edge of something exciting and big, as if I’d been waiting for it my whole life. And, as I’ve been waiting years to get the experience I’ve gained this semester, this song captures all my moments of excitement, anxiety and acceptance of all that my journalism courses will bring me. -Exie Frazier, Staff Writer

“Paperback Writer” by the The Beatles
That is a fun song about a writer and for me this semester has been really fun. The enthusiasm from the editors and instructors illuminated and filled me as well. -Sarah Herrera, Staff Writer

18 JACC awards should be pretty self-explanatory. Courtesy EMI Records

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It’s because we had a long and interesting semester of assignments and visits to the Bee and KCRA 3. Also it’s near the end of the semester and we feel we have accomplished quite a bit and that makes us champions. -Jacob Clark, Staff Writer

“We Care a Lot” by Faith No More
It can get kinda dicey, reporting important news fairly and accurately on a continuous basis. A lot of things can go wrong if you’re not tediously careful, however. It’s not just our love for telling a story, but the fact that we actually care about what we are covering, which has us coming back for more. -Christopher Geanakos, Multimedia Editor

“Photograph” by Nickelback
The song makes me think of the fun people and memories I have made this semester. It also reminds me to go back and actually manage my time better in order to get more schoolwork done, so as to not have any regrets in the end.-Wesley Hall, Staff Writer

“Invisible Seas” by Panacea
The word Panacea means a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all. 2. an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties. The song that I chose is one that I listened to a lot this semester. It is the intro song in a 20 minute documentary short I completed late Feb. 2010. I enjoy the inspirational lyrics, melodic beat and chorus. It is a song that keeps me motivated and hopeful for a bright future! -La Tisha Clayton, Staff Writer

Don't worry, there's still a week to get all of your work in. Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

“Running Out Of Time” by Hot Hot Heat.
It’s frantic, loud, messy, cynical, and hits you hard from the first chord, whether you’re ready for it or not. The chorus also describes how I’ve felt about everything I’ve started or tried to do this semester, and the ticking clock signifying my leaving City College and Sacramento in August. -Matt Gerring, Multimedia Editor

“California English” by Vampire Weekend
Because of this semester in Journalism 406, I’ve taken an interest in NPR and Sacramento’s Capital Public Radio. While listening to NPR, I heard an interview with Vampire Weekend and really like their music. This songs is a bit chaotic, clever and upbeat. -Josselin Basaldu, Online News Editor

“Wayfarer” by Hot Water Music
This song’s lyrics remind me of how much our site has evolved over the past two semesters, how we gamble (so to speak) constantly to improve our product and so far everything has really paid off. I could be more proud of both the print staff and the web staff and I couldn’t be more excited for next semester. -Ian McDonald, Entertainment Editor

“Elevate My Mind” by Stereo MC’s
Although the song appears to be about paraphernalia, it’s about the people, communications, the stories and being surrounded by intellect. I feel that way about this semester and everyone I have worked with both on the Express and Mainline. -Eydie Mendoza, Staff Writer

“Time” by Pink Floyd
It seems like most of this semester has been practice in never being able to find the time for things that needed doing, or, at random intervals, frittering away the long hours of days on end in which there was nothing to do.  That and deftly (beautifully, if you ask me) talking my way out of things that I found I suddenly and unexpectedly did not have time for.  It’s true that it all seems to go by faster the older you get, in my experience, and while I’m not old enough yet to turn around and notice decades getting away from me… I’m sure it will be pretty soon, at this rate. -Benjamin Stone, Social Media Editor

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