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The 420 Issue: Marijuana Timeline

Check out 420 related content all over the site, including this timeline chronicling the history of marijuana.

Traditional Spanish folk song “La Cucaracha” gains new importance in the wake of the 1910 Mexican Revolution. The first verse of its most famous incantation translates to: “The cockroach, the cockroach, can’t walk because it doesn’t have, because it’s lacking, marijuana to smoke.” This marks one of the earliest 20th century folk songs to reference marijuana.

Ras Tafari Makonnen is crowned king of Ethiopia. His coronation is seen by many followers of African nationalist Marcus Garvey as a fulfillment of Revelation 5:5, Ezekiel 28:25, and Garvey’s own prophecy that in Africa, “when a black king shall be crowned for the day of deliverance is at hand.” The mass consumption of marijuana is a major tenet and spiritual act of the Rastafarian religion.

Marijuana exploitation film “Reefer Madness” is released. The movie, in its exaggerated depictions of the drug’s effect, has become a cornerstone for anti-marijuana propaganda films that would follow, including 1936’s “Marihuana” and 1937’s “Assassin of Youth,” among others.

William S. Burroughs autobiography “Junky” is released. Burroughs, a major source of inspiration in the bourgeoning beat movement of the time, documents his life experiences with recreational drugs, including marijuana—which he refers to as tea.

The Beatles meet Bob Dylan and smoke marijuana for the very first time. This experience would influence future compositions including “Got to Get You into My Life” and “Fixing a Hole.” According to numerous biographies, the band admitted to being stoned for virtually all filming of “Help!”

420 is coined by a group of San Rafael high school students known as the Waldos, a name which alludes to their hang out spot at school. According to the Huffington Post, 420 refers to the time of day (4:20 p.m.) the Waldos met up to search for hidden crops of hemp plants and smoke copious amounts of marijuana.

English Progressive Rock band Pink Floyd releases the highly acclaimed “Dark Side of the Moon.” Radio hits aside, the album has become famous for syncing up almost perfectly with the 1936 film “The Wizard of Oz.” The marriage of these two seemingly polar productions has become a staple among marijuana culture.

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“I really smoked it,” Schwarzenegger said in a later interview. “And I also inhaled.”

Cheech and Chong’s “The Corsican Brothers” is released. The film is the last to star both Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong as their signature characters. The film was panned by many critics and fans alike. Cheech and Chong separated as a comic duo shortly afterward.

Dr. Dre releases “The Chronic.” The album’s title refers to slang for high quality marijuana and is reflective of how he felt his own music fared in the world of hip-hop at the time. Since its release, the album has been hailed by many as a masterpiece of the hip-hop genre.

Proposition 215 is passed in California. The proposition allows patients with a doctor’s recommendation to purchase, cultivate and transport marijuana for personal medicinal purposes. Despite the proposition, marijuana is still illegal by federal law.

Snoop Dogg tells the press that he has quit smoking marijuana “I said ‘Let me stop smoking dope so I can get a better vision of myself, see who I am and what I mean to the world,’” Dogg said. “’What I mean to my kids and what I mean to life in general.’”

TMZ releases video of Snoop Dogg and his entourage carrying a 5-foot marijuana plant into his hotel in Amsterdam. Shortly afterward, Dogg released his multi-platinum album “R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece”.

Olympic-record-setting champion Michael Phelps is photographed smoking marijuana out of a bong. The incident led to a three-month suspension by USA Swimming and a loss of numerous sponsorships.

The Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, which would decriminalize marijuana possession within California and establish taxes on the substance, is to be voted on in November’s ballot.

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