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Cliché, but true

Sometimes, coasting through a class seems like no big deal.

• “Oh, this is just for my general education requirements. It’s not really applicable to my major.”
• “I’ll pay attention to classes when I transfer out of here.”
• “This is just so I can get the job I want — a means to an end.”

Who doesn’t have those thoughts when sitting through a class that’s difficult to follow or hard to stomach for other reasons?

It’s easy enough to dismiss a class as unimportant.

• “When am I going to use psychology in real life?”
• “Who really cares this much about proper punctuation?”
• “All the math I’m ever going to need is addition and subtraction — maybe multiplication.”

It’s easy enough to take the opportunity for higher education for granted. But students can get so much more out of their educational opportunities if they apply themselves, even just a little bit.

Unless we choose to pursue more prestigious degrees or careers in education, being undergraduates in college is the last time we will have this kind of access to high-level expertise in any field.

Our professors have all studied in their respective fields for years. Each of them has unique insights and perspectives that students can take advantage of with just a little extra effort.

All it takes is a raised hand during class, or stopping by a professor’s office during office hours, to get those intricate, technical curiosities answered. It will never be easier at any point in life to get
answers to your questions.

Furthermore, when students increase class participation in a meaningful way, the discussions started by questions can be enlightening and enriching for the entire class. We’ve all had experiences when a class discussion veered into an area no one, including the professor, expected, and it resulted in one of the most exciting class sessions of the semester.

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Or a professor might have a professional connection in a field that you’d actually like to work in.

Even better — many of us find our first professional jobs because of people we met in class — the student photographer we worked with on the campus newspaper who tells us about an opening on that publication. Or the student in our science class from whom we learn about a job opportunity in a lab.

While we are in school, we have opportunities to explore things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to focus on, and the ability to pursue these interests to a more significant depth than merely scratching the surface.

In addition to a huge variety of classes, clubs and groups are readily available and accessible at City College.

It’s almost time for elections to the Student Associated Council, for example — a great way to get involved on campus and gain real-world experience impressive to future universities and, one day, to employers.

It’s easy to find like-minded students on campus and pursue common interests. From anime to fencing to fashion to the outdoors, City College has clubs to enrich students’ educations — and, on a larger scale, students’ lives.

Students can also start new clubs of their own. More information on clubs and campus organizations can be found at

Special events happen on City College’s campus almost every day. The Cultural Awareness Center is a highlight in that regard. The Center features engaging discussions, panels, and speakers that tackle tough topics. Events in the CAC are always free and open to anyone who would like to attend.

When it comes to the arts, City College has much to offer. From plays and musicals presented by City Theatre to exhibits in the Kondos Gallery to concerts hosted by the music program, the arts are alive on campus.

With all these diverse and interesting offerings, it seems a shame to just come to campus to attend class, skim through the lecture, and then head for home.

As dreadful as the cliché is, it’s still true: You get out of it what you put into it.

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