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Be considerate — register responsibly

At the beginning of every semester students stand in the back of a classroom or sit on the fl oor waiting. After attempting to register for a class that they really wanted — or worse, that class they really needed to fulfi ll a requirement — many students find their course wait listed or closed. If they are lucky, they receive a permission number, and if not, they might try again next semester.

Despite an increase in the number of course off erings, the first week or two of classes is still distracting for professors and disappointing for students. While most professors over-accommodate by trying to take as many students as possible, at some point there are some students who will be turned away. And halfway through the semester many of the desks that were full at the beginning of the term will sit empty.

Often we enroll in a class with the best of intentions; other times we enroll “just in case” a class doses not work out. But what we forget is that when we drop a class after the fi rst two weeks, we have likely taken an opportunity away from someone else.

According to Sacramento City College Vice President of Instruction Mary Turner, a course is often impacted by students who fail to register and withdraw responsibly.

“Students need to remember to be courteous to each other and only register for classes they actually intend to complete,” she says. “And if you are going to withdraw, you should withdraw early to make room for others.”

In addition to being courteous to other students, as responsible students we need to follow an educational plan. With a new cap on the number of units for priority registration and future financial aid restrictions related to the Board of Governor’s Waiver, academic performance and course completion is important.

So when registering for next semester and sitting in that class on the first day, here are some important points to consider:

•Is your class schedule realistic?
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•Do you meet all of the prerequisites for the class?
If you do not, you will be dropped anyway.

•Do you meet the suggested co-requisites?
They are suggested for a reason. Failing to meet suggested requirements in math or English often leads to dropping or failing a class.

•Is this the class you thought you were taking?
Did you read the syllabus carefully? Did you listen to the professor’s description?

•And ask yourself, “How will this class benefit me?”
If you are taking the class, you should know why. It might fulfill a general education or major requirement, but also consider classes that intrigue you with their subject matter.
As students, we are all eager to explore the classes that sound interesting. We are also eager to move on and complete our required courses. Above all, as students, we are all here to improve ourselves. However, we should also be considerate of each other and take responsibility for our own educational plans.

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