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Caffeine, caffeine, where art thou?


Walking into United Coffee House, my nostrils are immediately filled with alluring scent of fresh, strong, dark coffee, perhaps a little too strong.

United Coffee House has a strange scent and their coffee is unlike anything I have ever smelled before. The coffee does not smell like the seductive scent of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, nor does it smell like a candy factory, the way Starbucks smells.

They say they sell organic fair trade coffee, and boy, they were not kidding, it smells like the fertilizer in my backyard.

Although the walls are filled with awesome paintings by local artists, the coffee is profoundly below par. United Coffee House may be filled with comfy chairs and have tons of room, but their coffee tastes like the earth, literally.

I’m all about organic coffee growers and the need to support local farmers; however, I’m also all about delicious tasting coffee.

Their coffee is not for students who enjoy a sweet, fattening frappuccino from Starbucks from time to time or a simple soy chai latte from Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

Organic coffee is supposed to be delicious and pure like the ground it grows in. United Coffee House’s coffee reminded me of a really bad batch of fruit that spoiled over a week’s time.

Although the owners, Tiffany Colby and Harginer Sighn, were extremely kind and upbeat, it took Colby at least five minutes to make me my drink. Now for students in a rush, this is anything but good.

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Not only does their coffee taste bad, but their prices are anything but fair.

Sandwiches are $5.95. One word: expensive.

Students can expect a small cup of plain coffee to cost them $1.75 and a blended Frappee costs $4.15. The catch with these prices is a small cup of coffee is smaller than a small or tall size at Peet’s or Starbucks.

The coffee is French pressed with a pressing tool for bringing out the most flavor. The process is a great idea if you have the time, energy and patience in the morning.

For a coffee shop to French press all of its coffee is a horrible business maneuver because it takes unnecessary time and energy, and causes a line of people to stand impatiently at the coffee bar, awaiting their order.

Although I didn’t enjoy the coffee at United Coffee House, I must give them kudos for a welcoming atmosphere.

United Coffee House is located across from City College.

But a warning: enter at your own risk.

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