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Yu-Gi-Oh: Not just a card game

City College student Jacky Fu started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the fifth grade and since then has been Yu-Gi-Oh! playing position.

The smell of Body odor of cheap plastic tabletops. Posters plastered on every wall. This is what it feels like to be in a comic book store.

Though some people are off reading comics or playing videogames on a console in the corner, others are playing card games. To some people, a game is something that is played on occasion and done for fun.  For others, it is a lifetime passion. For a select few, it is a way to make money and win prizes.

Jacky Fu, a 20-year-old City College student, does all this. Sitting slightly hunched over with thick, black glasses and equally dark hair, Fu takes up his card-playing stance. This slouch started when he got his first set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in fifth grade and since then, has been his Yu-Gi-Oh!  playing position. More recently, the stance has carried him into the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament scene.

“Ever since I went to my first locals, just like down the street, I was like, ‘Wow, this game is actually way more complicated than it needs to be,’” says Fu. “So I decided to learn all the rulings.”

Playing at a local card shop and practicing with teammates Tamarrier Watson and Mike Moreno, Fu has been preparing for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, more commonly known as YCS. Held monthly at various locations around the country, YCSs are two-day events where players compete for various prizes, a trophy and a chance to play on the world stage.

The team’s most recent tournament, held in San Mateo, did not go as well as the members had hoped. They mainly lost to cards limited to one per deck.

“I went X-3 and did not make it to day two,” says Moreno. “X is the amount of rounds. If it’s a 10-round tournament and you went X-3, you went seven and three.”

Much like Much like Moreno, Fu had a similar experience.

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“I technically went X-3 but dropped after round three,” says Fu, recalling his most recent tournament standings.

Despite their losses, Fu and his team plan to keep practicing and going to tournaments. The next tournament they will be headed to will be some time next year.

“As long as I have interest in the game, I’ll just keep playing it,” Moreno says.

Watson, on the other hand, has a different mindset on his losses. He has been playing since the first YCS was ever conducted and has a very specific goal in mind.

“I have literally been screwed seven times in a row,” says Watson. “I’m still gunning for my national invite. I just want it. I’m going to keep going until I get it.”

Fu holds these same ideals but has a different attitude about YCS in general. While winning is an important aspect of the tournament,
just being there is an experience in itself.

“It’s fun,” says Fu. “I get to meet new people.”

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