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Age is nothing but a number

Take a look around you right now.  Have you noticed how diverse the City College campus is? Not just in race, ethnicity and gender, but also in age.

According to the City College website, 18,360 students walked around the campus last semester. The ages of those people were anywhere from under the age of 18 to more than age of 40.

Still, most people think of a college student as someone just out of high school. There are many reasons why students choose to join City College right after high school or wait a while before diving into the college scene.

City College Admissions and Records Supervisor Kim Goff says there are two kinds of high school graduates.

“There’re the ones who knows what they’re going to do when they come and those who don’t,” Goff says.

Goff explains how some may know that they want to come here to transfer or get some kind of degree, and how some students are here because college is the next step after high school or how they’re pressured by their parents to go to college.

“Some come here and they are motivated to get in and out to transfer or get some kind of degree here,” Goff says. “While others think that the next step in life after high school is college or their parent is telling them that they are going to college. So they come here not knowing what to do.”

Take communication studies major Vy Nguyen, for an example. She came from high school with no hesitation.

“I didn’t hesitate to get into college right after high school,” says Nguyen, who started at City College the fall after high school graduation in 2011. “I wanted to keep my education going without wasting a year. School is a must for me, and I don’t think I should ever stop keeping it going, as well as getting my degree as soon as possible.”

Alvaro Rodriguez, a computer information science major, was in the same place in the same semester as Nguyen, coming prepared right out of high school.

“I wanted to continue my education, so I could learn more and have more opportunities in life,” Rodriguez says. “My first semester of college I was ready and fully prepared to step up on my next level in life.”
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While Nguyen and Rodriguez were ready out of high school, psychology major Alemdritra Recio was not.

“I wasn’t ready at all,” says Recio, who graduated from high school in 2011 and entered college.. “I wasn’t nearly prepared as I thought I was.”

One example is early childhood education major Katie Anderson.

“I waited for awhile because I chose to go to a couple adult education schools, but neither fit my needs and only caused me to struggle more,” Anderson says, who started at City College in fall 2003, “I had to take a few semesters off due to health reasons and a car accident I was in, but I was able to [come back and] focus more on what classes interested me rather than be forced to take classes I hated. This really kept me motivated and allowed me to explore options for my future.”

Anderson also states that she feels her time away from college prepared her to be a better student.

Like Anderson, early childhood education major Alexia Boesen has been at City College on and off since the fall of 2003.

“I had to leave school unexpectedly due to my health, so I decided to come back once I felt better,” Boesen says, who missed learning and was ready to get back to school after a break. “I was so ready to return, it got me healthier. And being healthier, I knew I could do better in school.”

Boesen also agrees that the break from school was a great preparation for her time here as a student.

Where Anderson chose to wait because of education and personal reasons and Boesen had to leave because of health reasons, business major Robert Levin chose to wait because of financial reasons.

“I chose to wait because of the money. The military is currently paying for my college,” says Levin, who graduated from high school in 2004 and started at City College this past January. “I am definitely more prepared for college now, especially financially. Although, the break did make me a little rusty on some skills, but it didn’t take long to regain those skills.”

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