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To flirt or not to flirt

Jessica Rine Express staff writer.  Evan E. Duran |
Jessica Rine Express staff writer. Evan E. Duran | [email protected]

“Have I seen you before?”

“You’ve been going here awhile right?”

“Do you go to football games?”

“Can I call you sometime?” — Not with lines like that, you can’t.

It was a typical day on campus. I was sitting there, minding my own business around noon in the quad, enjoying the sun before heading off to work.

All of a sudden a large shadow came over me, blocking the sun’s rays. My body turned cold as I looked up at the imposing member of the opposite sex standing over me.

He introduced himself by asking me for directions, which I promptly gave. He followed up with a series of questions about me and my goings-on on campus.

My answers were short and succinct, hoping he would get the hint. No dice.

He then asked me if I went to football games. When I told him I was busy all the time, he made a disappointed noise and asked if he could call me sometime.

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As I contemplated the ridiculousness of the situation, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was something I was putting out into the universe. Was there something in my body language that said, “Yes, I would love for a random dude to come up and talk to me about nothing?”

Was I dressed in a way that invited idiotic pickup lines and downward glances at my chest? Was it the way I sat on that bench, content in my solitude that screamed, “Someone with a penis needs to be near me now?”

What makes guys think that just because a gal is sitting by herself that it is an invitation to spout their lamest pickup lines in the hopes of getting laid? Maybe I am old-fashioned, but a girl needs a little more than barely perceivable grunts to even consider the possibility of what now passes for a date or to give out a phone number.

I am not trying to toot my own horn or rave some girlish nonsense about how it sucks to be an attractive woman in today’s society. I am saying it has always been hard for women in every society in every time, and guys who objectify women in this way don’t make it any easier.

I understand that it is difficult for men to speak to women, especially when they think that all women have opinions like this one. I understand that it is nerve-wracking to try to jump-start a conversation not knowing anything about the other person.

So, I have to give kudos to any guys who do go up to a random female and try to make something out of nothing.

But I also understand that something worth having is worth putting effort into. These half-assed attempts at picking up a flavor-of-the-week are not worth my attention.

Some girls find it flattering, I am sure, to be constantly hit on, but maybe if the guy actually took the time and effort to learn about me instead of picking me out of a crowd because I have long, dark hair and a vagina, I would be more inclined to listen to what he had to say.

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