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Match made in sports


Track team members Jason Dunn and Mellanie have been dating since they met on the track team in high school. Tony Wallin | [email protected]

They’re not just members of a sports team; they’re also students in the classroom, as well as couples who share a love for athletics.

For these two sets of City College couples, juggling the ups and downs of academics, sports and romantic relationships can be challenging.

City College chemistry major Mellanie Castillo and undeclared major Jason Dunn are both on the track team and have been dating for 10 months.

Castillo and Dunn say they were already in love with track before falling in love with each other.

“People think track is just about running, but it’s about hard work and determination,” says Dunn. “[It’s about] telling yourself that you can do it when your body says you can’t.”

Now track has brought them together, says Castillo. In fact, the sport played a part in bringing the couple together during the Stanford Invitational when they were both still in high school last year.

Castillo says he noticed Dunn’s motivation and passion for track when they first met.

He’s very determined,” says Castillo. “I’ve always admired his determination and how, when he sets a goal, he really achieves it, no matter what.”

Although they are separated during practice, sharing the same sport and having three classes together gives them a lot of time together, Castillo says.

Unlike Castillo and Dunn, for undeclared major Emily Seros and kinesiology major Ben Cordy, making time can be difficult.

Seros and Cordy only share one class, and they are both on the baseball and volleyball team, Seros explains.

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Doing homework and spending time together on the weekends is how they find time, says Cordy, but their love and understanding for sports is what brought them together.

“It was our common ground and something we can always talk about,” Cordy says. “[We] understand the struggles and obstacles each other faces in our sport and help each other through them.

” Dunn says the obstacles have helped him and Castillo communicate better with each other and be able to motivate one another.

“I make sure she pushes herself at all times. She knows that I want the best for her,” says Dunn. “So when I yell and tell her to run through the pain, she knows that I believe in her and I’m there for her.

” With motivation, hard work and understanding from their significant others, these athletes say they share big goals to get them where they want to go.

“We understand that we’re both chasing dreams,” says Cordy.

While Castillo and Dunn say they are looking into the same colleges that will give them track scholarships, Seros and Cordy say they are looking into programs that will support their sport.

Both couples say the love that these athletes have for their sport is what has drawn them to each other. Seros says she has found Cordy’s love for baseball inspiring.

“The biggest thing I find aspirational about his dedication to baseball is how dedicated he is to his team,” says Seros. “He lives for the sport and his teammates.”

No matter where their sport takes them, these athletes say they have gained the understanding of someone else who shares similar interest and can also help motivate them through it all.

“You know that no matter how bad your day was, there’s someone there that loves you beyond belief,” Dunn says.

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