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Love is in the air



But what’s the most effective way to find it?


Matthew Gerring | Staff Writer
[email protected]


Spring is officially upon us. As the days get longer and shorts get shorter, love or at least a random hook-up is in the air.

There are a variety of ways to approach a potential mate, and some are much more effective than others. One of the least effective is yelling at random strangers on the sidewalk – especially when you’re blocking their way.

“I had one guy cut me off in his car,” says international business major Amanda Crawley. “That was kind of amusing. He was just yelling stuff – it was kind of lame. Plus, he had another friend sitting in the passenger seat.”

City College student Layla Oghabian had a similar experience.

“It was a couple of weeks ago before spring break, and I was walking out of the bathroom, and these guys come over and they’re like ‘Hey, what’s up baby,’ and I’m like, ‘Uh, nothing I’m going to class,’ and they’re like ‘you should come chill with us, we’ll give it to you hella hard.’ It was kind of uncomfortable.”

“It’s not a very good way to get anywhere with a girl,” Crawley says. “It might get our attention for a minute or two, but you don’t get anywhere.”
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Many male City College students agree.

“I think any guy who hits on a girl by saying, ‘hey, girl!’ or anything like that should get kicked in the nuts or slapped in the face,” says City College student David Hart. “That’s not a respectful way of hitting on a girl.”

Not everyone agrees.

“Say I’m attracted to a girl walking by, and I say, ‘Hello, how you doin’?’ Of course, thats how you talk to anybody. I noticed, ‘Hey, you dropped your pencil,’ ‘hey you just got out of math class,’ They like that,” says City College student Eli Solomon. “It depends on the girl though.”

City College student Sabrina Wilson says it’s better for someone to make conversation and give it some time.

According to Oghabian if you really want to meet someone, you should say hello and ask how they’re doing, how school is going or what his or her name is.

“If there’s a conversation starter, it’s OK, but if there’s no point, it’s not,” Crawley says.

Still, approaching attractive strangers can sometimes pay off. “That’s how my mom met my dad,” City College student Chris Carter says.

“The first time my mom met my dad, she was going to a club with some friends of hers,” Carter says. “My dad jumped on the opportunity and said, ‘Hey, what’s up,’ and my mom said, ‘Get out of my face.’ I don’t know the rest.”

In the end, perhaps, persistence may be just as important as politeness in the game of love.

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