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How to Beat the Second-half Slump

319-survive-2    As the spring semester moves to an end the weather gets better, some students might try to find any reason not to do   work. Things can get tricky and the workload can become difficult, but on the Sacramento City College campus, many students take measures toward lightening the load and making life easier.

Amber Murphy, 20 and Sarah Levi, 19, for example, spend Saturday mornings together studying different subjects. Murphy is better at math than Levi, while
Levi is better at English and political science.
“We met last year and started studying together,” Murphy says. “We’re both better at different subjects and I figure that two heads are better than one when you have a problem.”

Murphy and Levi spend four or five hours together every weekend doing homework. They both consider themselves good students, but Levi says that she wasn’t always a good student and she’s had to work at it.

“I get A’s now, mostly,” Levi says. “I didn’t used to get good grades and I used to really think about what I could do to get better grades. I started studying with Amber and that really helped.”

Group studying works well for Murphy and Levi, but for Adam Kowalski, 32, a business major, it can be a chore. Instead, Kowalski says he puts aside time every day to study.
“I don’t like working with other students who might not know the answer to a question or be unsure of themselves,”
Kowalski says. “I do my readings at home and work the problems or write the papers and then I take the questions I have to the professors of my classes.”
Kowalski doesn’t just do the homework and see his instructors, though. He also says he meticulously budgets his time so he can fit in a full time job, 15 units of coursework and a busy home life.

Over the years, Kowalski says, his priorities have changed—and so have his study habits.
“If I was 18 or 19 and working towards a degree I think that I could afford to budget my time differently, but I have a full time job on top of school and I want to see my family too,”

Kowalski says. “I try and have Sundays free to spend with my wife and kid, but Monday through Saturday [it’s] all go from 6 in the morning until about 10 each evening.”

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“My philosophy on getting school- work done and succeeding in school is the following: Just do your work,” Hernandez says. “It’s not always easy, but it’s a lot better than looking at crappy grades.”

For Hernandez, school comes first, but he says he doesn’t let that get in the way of having a good time.

“School is important and sometimes I have to put homework ahead of friends, and that sucks, but that’s what I need to do in order to be a success,”

Hernandez says. “I don’t want anything but an ‘A,’ so I work hard.”

Hernandez’s approach may seem cursory and carefree at first, but he says he also keeps a close eye on the syllabus for each of his classes.

“I keep a mental picture of what is due each week,” he says. “After each week I cross off part of the syllabus from the week before, and then I read what is coming
up and kind of plan what I’m going to do and when.”

Making it through these last six weeks of school can be a chore, but students say there are ways to get through if the drive is there.

Group studying, guidance from professors, and planning all include one thing Levi says. “It comes down to ‘Do I want to get this done?’ ‘Do I want an A or a C?’” Levi
says. “I want the A. I want to do well, so I do the work.”

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