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Money makes everything easier

image_opinion_scholarshipsAt first, I thought my ignorance was just another sign of first-child syndrome – you know, where you find out everything a little late, but in time for your siblings to take advantage of – but it seems that I’m not the only one who was unaware.

City College offers scholarships.

No matter what the state of the economy, students can always use a little extra help with school. But in this financially challenging time—OK , in this insanely damaged economy, many of us can’t even find minimum-wage jobs—many of us need more than just a little extra help.

Most of City College’s scholarships last year were in the $100 to $500 range. While one such scholarship won’t cover going to school full time for a year (a cost of $624 in fees alone, Not to mention books and living expenses),  a few scholarships can add up quickly.

Last year, I was awarded $1,300. Many thanks to my generous donors. That’s enough to cover tuition and books.

If that’s not enough for you, there are many other scholarships out there. The only problem is finding them.

Web sites such as and sort through scholarships and tell you which ones they think you’re eligible for. Although this may be easier than trying to find scholarships directly through sponsors and donors, it still isn’t very effective. I’m ineligible for most of the scholarships these sites suggest for me; it isn’t uncommon for them to be for high school students only, even though I’ve put in my profile that I’m in college.

So depending on how effective you are at finding scholarships and how much time you have to spend looking, you could get a whole lot of money from scholarships outside of City College, or you could get nothing.

Of course everything boils down to actually winning the scholarship: It doesn’t matter how many you apply for if you don’t win any. Some factors, such as income and heritage, aren’t controllable. But other factors we can do something about.
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We can study harder to boost our grade point averages, we can be more respectful to our teachers to get better letters of recommendation and we can look for more opportunities for community service. Having educational and career goals can also help, since many scholarships are directed toward specific majors or careers.

If someone did everything they could to boost his or her eligibility, spent lots of time and effort looking for scholarships and had the good luck to actually win, they could probably easily get through school on scholarships alone.

As for the rest of us, who are short on time, aren’t good at researching, or aren’t lucky in the uncontrollable aspects of our applications (or all of the above), we may have to keep job searching and applying for financial aid.

But I’d still check out those City College scholarships—they’re easy to apply for and easy to find. And in this depressingly down economy, every little bit helps.

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