Los Rios

Good enough is not good enough

Fifteen California community colleges were initially approved Jan. 20 to begin offering bachelor’s degrees by the Community College Board of Governors.

None of the Los Rios colleges were accepted into the pilot programs.

That’s because the Los Rios Community College District did not apply for a pilot program.

Some of the programs that have been initially approved are in fields in which Los Rios colleges have certificates or degrees available.

For example, American River College offers an associate’s degree in funeral services. Cypress College received approval for an expanded mortuary science program. The programs are identical in core curriculum. If Los Rios had applied, perhaps ARC could be offering a bachelor’s degree in that discipline.

Los Rios district passes on four-year degrees

Fifteen California community colleges have obtained initial approval to begin four-year programs offering bachelor’s degrees in fields ranging from airframe manufacturing technology to mortuary science. The…

Panthers take Beavers

The Panthers ran their way to a convincing victory Jan. 31, keeping American River College on their heels most of the evening for a final score of 96-69.

The Beavers failed to find an answer for a fast-paced, aggressive Panther offense. By midpoint of the half, City College reached a 15-point lead. The Panthers never looked back or slowed down. Leading 28 points by halftime, City College would go on to win by a 27-point margin.

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Student leader represents

THE STUDENT TRUSTEE FOR the Los Rios Community College District is elected at the end of each spring term to bring a student perspective to the board of trustees, the group responsible for contract, budget and policy decisions for the Los Rios district.

Last spring, sophomore Ricardo Lemus came out on top of what he described as a hard-fought election.

“I just  gured why not run for student trustee?” Lemus said. “So I ran. I campaigned really hard, and I won.”

The student trustee is responsible for bringing on-campus issues to the board of trustees for consideration.

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Clery Report details campus crime statistics

The Los Rios Department released its mandatory annual crime report to the public last month presenting the past three years’ crime statistics that show drug and liquor violations as the…

Los Rios appoints new police chief

The Los Rios Community College District appointed former Cosumnes River College Police Captain Cheryl Sears in March as the district chief of police for the…

MESA team takes home top prize

Students from the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement program at City College and Cosumnes River College teamed up to flatten colleges and universities across California in an Oct. 19 competition sponsored by some of the leading energy and utility industries in the state.

The competition’s sponsors were PG&E, Southern California Gas, and Southern California Edison. These leading energy and utility industries are suffering from a workforce shortage, and they approached college students majoring in the fields of math,