SCC offers dental services to students

Low- or no-cost care available for the community at Dental Health Clinic

Sometimes the pain is a dull, throbbing ache that begins in the back of the mouth and echoes through the brain as a piercing migraine. Other times, gums are so swollen even the slightest bump with the tongue might elicit a bloody saliva wash that tastes like rust.

Many City College students are aware of the long-term effects of not having proper dental care.

Amid the financial drawing and quartering of tuition, books, housing and transportation, many students don’t have the resources for the oral exams, routine cleanings and X-rays that are needed to maintain a pain-free smile.

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10 suprising things from City College’s past

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Interesting facts from campus history

Founded in 1916 as Sacramento Junior College, City College is replete with history. Here are 10 interesting and little-known facts.

• The college’s first classes were taught on the top floor of the old Sacramento High School at 18th and K streets. In 1926 the campus moved to its current location, across the street from the brand new William Land Park.

• The first graduating class of 1918 consisted of six students, all women. That same year the college closed for two years as the country plunged into World War I, and some of its staff went to fight or volunteer for the war effort.

• In 1920 Belle Cooledge, a former high school math teacher and a future mayor of Sacramento, headed the junior college as dean after World War I until the appointment of the first president, Jeremiah B. Lillard, in 1923.

• In the early years sophomores imposed a student enforced “frosh” dress code for male students that required a dink (beanie cap) and blue jeans to be worn by all freshmen. The student enforced dress code for freshmen women required pigtails, fake freckles and horn rimmed glasses.

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Belle Cooledge – much more than history

City College leader served as mayor, mentor and benefactor

What many City College students don’t realize is that current college President Kathryn Jeffery is not the first woman to lead the campus. Belle Cooledge, one of the founders of Sacramento City College, which was known as Sacramento Junior College when it opened in 1916, was the first de facto president, though she never assumed the title.

“Oh! She’s one of my favorite people,” says City College archivist Caroline Harker. “I think she’s just incredible.”

Cooledge was born in Sutter Creek in 1884, and graduated from Sacramento High School in 1900. She attended U.C. Berkeley where she majored in chemistry and earned her master’s degree in education. Cooledge began teaching in 1904 and started working at Sacramento High School in 1912 as a math teacher.

In 1916, Sacramento Junior College was founded; the college was originally housed in the upper floors of Sacramento High School, at 18th and K streets, with Cooledge as its sole administrator. Cooledge worked for the college for 31 years before retiring in 1947.

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Panthers fan shows 16 years of pride

Randy Hicks applauds at a City College men’s basketball game Feb. 21. Hicks has been attending games since 1998.
Disability advocate and loyal fan supports Panthers sports

Bright lights reflect off hardwood floors, scoreboards and shot clocks light up, and the crowd anxiously anticipates the start of the game. The bleachers are filled with alumni, friends and family of players from both home and visiting teams, and fans of basketball. This is the typical scene for home games at City College.

And Randy Hicks, 49, is usually part of that scene, taking his place among the crowd of cheering fans. Hicks, who has been attending games since 1998, said he uses his love of sports and cheering for the many City College athletic programs as a form of therapy to help himself cope with a painful disability.

Most fans that come to the games at City College are currently students or alumni, but Hicks has never attended classes, nor does he have a relative that has. In fact, he has absolutely no connection to City College other than living the area.

“When I moved up the road I said, you know what? City’s here, this is my school. There’s a lot of history here,” said Hicks. “There’s a lot of history at Sac City.”

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American Sign Language students Janessa Rocha and Mary Peterson must silently communicate April 8 during a SILA 305 sign language conversation quiz. Elizabeth Ramirez | Staff Photographer |
Film Studies and Fine Arts major Jouanne Roberson paints outdoors April 8 holding her paintbrush with her toes. Photo by Tamara M. Knox l Online Photo Editor l
Graphic design major Malcolm Moore attempts to land his skateboard while outside the Preforming Arts Center April 2. Moore says his passion for skateboarding began in the eighth grade. Emily Foley | Staff Photographer |
Spoken Word Artist Fong interacts with Professor Dinh Bui's class in the Cultural Awareness Center April 2 by asking them to participate in an icebreaker before his spoken word performance. Photo by Tamara M. Knox l Online Photo Editor l



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