Canned goods for salon services

City College cosmetology students support local food bank

It’s not uncommon for the average college student to “trim the fat” off their budgets as soon as the new school semester begins.

Little things like a night out, or regularly getting a good haircut or a manicure start to fall to the wayside, as other things like textbooks and parking passes start to take their place.

But if you can afford a can of traditional spaghetti sauce, which only costs $1.02 at Target, you can treat yourself to a fresh manicure or haircut from the cosmetology students at City College.

The cosmetology school at City College has put together a canned food drive to

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Israeli-American activist speaks out against Israel at City College

Moriel Rothman-Zecher discusses Israel’s policies in Gaza at Cultural Awarness Center

Israeli-American activist, writer and poet Moriel Rothman-Zecher will be speaking out against the current occupation of Gaza and share his previous experiences living in Israel at City College’s Cultural Awareness Center Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. to 2:50 p.m.

“He comes to us because he is part of a national tour,” said Riad Bahhur, history professor and coordinator of City College’s International Studies Program. “Sometimes we hear from local organizations that we have relationships with, like the Sacramento Peace

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City College clubs swarm Quad this week

2014 Club Day at City College. Photo by Gabrielle Smith | Staff Photographer |
Club Day will feature more than 20 organizations

City College is hosting more than 20 of its clubs Thursday, Oct. 2, in the quad.

“It’s a good way to get involved, the clubs are really diverse,” says Annalea Padilla of Student Leadership and Development.

Performances are to be held by City College’s three dance teams: cheer, jazz and stomp. There will also be musical and poetic performances by students and a traditional dance by the Polynesian Connection Club.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: 2 days with Lourdes Pérez

Singer, songwriter, poet at City College

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Puerto Rican composer Lourdes Pérez will perform in concert Oct. 2 and lead a songwriting workshop Oct. 3.

Pérez, a well-known contemporary recording artist, songwriter, composer, arranger, poet, contralto vocalist and acoustic guitarist, will play a free concert in the Performing Arts Complex, room 106, Thursday from noon to 1 p.m.

“If you haven’t heard Lourdes sing, you should” said Annette D’armata, a long time colleague of Pérez. “I think when one person sings, it’s not just about that one person. When Lourdes sings, she brings

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City College campus patrol officers Lakea Iliili and Jairo Gutierrez direct traffic Aug. 26 between the Child Development Center and Hughes Stadium. Elizabeth Ramirez|Staff Photographer|
Film Studies and Fine Arts major Jouanne Roberson paints outdoors April 8 holding her paintbrush with her toes. Photo by Tamara M. Knox l Online Photo Editor l
Graphic design major Malcolm Moore attempts to land his skateboard while outside the Preforming Arts Center April 2. Moore says his passion for skateboarding began in the eighth grade. Emily Foley | Staff Photographer |
Spoken Word Artist Fong interacts with Professor Dinh Bui's class in the Cultural Awareness Center April 2 by asking them to participate in an icebreaker before his spoken word performance. Photo by Tamara M. Knox l Online Photo Editor l



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