A delicate balance of survival and success

Ursula Yost-Johnson juggles study, work and family with determination and hope

Beep, beep, beep, snooze. Beep, beep, beep, snooze.

Five more minutes, and the alarm clock still manages to win the fight every morning. Wake up, wash face, brush teeth, and eat breakfast.

It’s a routine most parents live by.

Especially single mother of four Ursula Yost-Johnson, 33, a City College student. She never stops to think about herself as she strives to make life better for herself and her children. Through all the trials and tribulations, she never stops or gives up. She fights every day, not to fail, even when life says, “Give up.” Instead for Yost-Johnson, hope whispers, “Just try one more time.”

When Yost-Johnson was 24, she says she made a regretful mistake that ended with her going to the Central California Women’s Facility, also known as Chowchilla, for two and a half years while pregnant with her third child.

“I thought my life was over,” says Yost-Johnson. “I thought I would never see my babies again. It was like dying.”

She says life was telling her to stop fighting, to just let go. But she couldn’t, at least not with a bun in the oven. She eventually made contact with prison offi cials and was approved…» Read More

New daily parking permit machines

More machines in parking structure give students payment options

Three new paid parking kiosks were added in January to the second, third and fourth floors of the parking structure at City College with a payment option for credit cards.

The machines are an upgraded version of the older parking machines still located in the south lot, west lot and north lot. Nine daily parking machines are now available for students, according to Jinky Lampano, a City College police sergeant for the Los Rios Community College District.

“The old machines were very finicky when it rained,” said Lampano.

The machines were exposed to the elements and didn’t print out the permits properly in wet weather, he said.

“Also the bill acceptors were compromised during the rainy season because [the machines don’t] like wet dollar bills,” said Lampano. In addition, the coin slots were easily jammed when he said students used sticky coins.

Lampano said that having a credit card option in the new kiosk machines is beneficial for students because there are now three options for students to pay for parking passes.

The new parking machines are located on the southwest corner of the parking structure near the elevators and stairwell. Students and visitors may purchase tickets for $2, which…» Read More

Measles madness

"I would get vaccinated," says City College nurse Jeff Christian.
The once-eradicated disease makes a comeback in California

They’re everywhere: in food, in the shower and covering the human body. Despite every human effort to contain and eradicate them, they still exist.

Germs are especially prevalent in areas where there are a lot of people of all ages and immunities — for example, a community college, where the average hallway sees thousands of students wandering through it every day. Common colds may not seem like such a big deal, and the flu might not be terrible, but a threat has resurfaced with numbers that haven’t been seen in decades. According to Cody Meissner, a professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine, measles is making a comeback. One hundred twenty-five new cases of the disease, linked to an outbreak in Disneyland, have surfaced and are slowly spreading north into Northern California and popping up at schools. While most of the cases have occurred in unvaccinated children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some adults are also testing positive for the highly contagious disease, including a teacher. The CDC reports that an estimated 3 to 4 million new cases popped up every year until 1963, when the measles vaccine was licensed. By 1983, 20 years…» Read More

City College baseball loses in close game

City College Panthers huddle during a timeout in the game against Cabrillo College at Union Stadium on February 28, 2015.
Vanessa Nelson // vanessanelsonexpress@gmail.com
Panthers’ lineup change not enough to hold off Cabrillo

City College snapped its four-game winning streak in a 7-5 loss against the Cabrillo College Seahawks Feb. 28 at Union Stadium.

The Panthers lost a three-run lead in the fifth and sixth innings, as the Seahawks scored six runs on eight hits. Branden Nunn took the bulk of the runs after he replaced starting pitcher Steven Talbert in the sixth inning. Talbert allowed two runs in the fifth.

“We had a meltdown, pitching-wise, where they scored a bunch of runs, and then we just couldn’t get that rally put together,” said City College head coach Derek Sullivan. “We had a decent amount of good at-bats, but we didn’t string enough of them together.”

The Panthers started the game out well, compiling four runs in the first four innings, but the lineup that Sullivan put together for the game couldn’t produce enough hits late in the game.

Among other lineup changes, Tyler Houlihan started the game at first base over Brandon Langan, rather than his normal third-base position; Alex Muzzi moved over to center field from left field, while Jacob Oliver started at left.

The reason for the lineup change, according to Sullivan, was because certain guys have been struggling lately,…» Read More


City College club,  Omechs booth, charges $1 to throw a cupcake at professors for club day. Mechanical engineering student, Levi Hopson throws a cupcake at math professor Joseph Stever March 5,2015. Emily Foley | Photo Editor |
City College students recently dropped off by Light Rail use a variety of transportation to get to their classes. Photo by Penelope Kahn | Staff Photographer | penelopekahn@yahoo.com
Partial solar eclipse captured Oct. 23 through City College telescope. Emily Foley // Photo Editor // emmajfoley@gmail.com
Capoeire Club (Foke Lore & Dance), Ross Mele playing a traditional "lead" instrument during City College club day event. Bill Mahon| Staff Photographer| billmahonphoto@gmail.com


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