Sacramento’s haunted locales

River City hosts many apparitions, disturbing citizens for decades

Halloween is the time to celebrate the things that, for lack of a better phrase, go bump in the night.

Homes will soon be dressed with plastic skeletons, rubber bats and other spooky decorations in pretense that they are haunted by specters from beyond the grave.

However, some places in Sacramento are thought to be haunted by supernatural or ghostly presences. With Halloween on the horizon, now might be a good time to hunt for ghosts at some of these rumored haunted places.

Sacramento Theatre Company

Located at 1419 H St., the theater was originally formed in 1942 as the Sacramento Civic Repertory Theatre. It is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Sacramento with, supposedly, at least five different entities traveling through the halls.

According to costume shop manager Jessica Minnihan, the most famous ghost who haunts the theater manifests a pink orb nicknamed Pinky. Paranormal investigators have speculated Pinky to be the ghost of a former theater manager.

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New Allied Health facilities on the horizon

Renovations for Lillard Hall may be delayed beyond the projected 2019 date due to lack of funding.
Mohr Hall demolition set for 2017; renovation of Lillard Hall may be delayed due to lack of funding

Two City College Allied Health and physics buildings constructed in 1963 are overdue for renovation, according to campus officials, who are optimistic that the $14.95 million rebuild of Mohr Hall and the $22.2 million renovation of Lillard Hall will begin by 2017.

City College Operations Director Greg Hayman said that although the budgets are already set for these projects, funding has not become fully available, possibly delaying the

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Express Editors’ Picks for the Next Week of Fantasy Football

National Football League insignia.

Seven weeks through the NFL season, here are two Express editors’ picks for the next weeks of fantasy football:


QB Peyton Manning: 318 passing yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs.

QB Russel Wilson: 313 yards, 2 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD and 0 INTs.

RB Shane Vareen: 43 rushing yards, 71

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Kris’s Korner: Almost playoff time

Football helmets and shoulder pads located in a storeroom.
Week 8 Fantasy Football advice

We’re halfway through the season, which means only six more weeks until Fantasy football playoffs start. If you’re at the bottom of your league, it’s never too late to trade your way out.

I could go into a story about how I started the season 1-6 last year and traded my way to a 7-6 record and a playoff spot, but I’m not. I could also talk about how countless others are currently trying to do the same thing, but I won’t.

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On their final break of the day, freshman cosmetology students enjoy the summer-like weather Sept. 29 while eating snacks and making jokes outside the Cosmetology building at City College. Elizabeth Ramirez|Staff Photographer|
City College students Hoi Luc, business major, Nancy Vang, nursing major, Amanda Yehya and Ken San play a card game called "Duces" while they wait for class to start. 
Alina Castillo| Online photo editor|
City College gets hit by the first rainfall of the season. City College, Nursing student, Jaisha Alzaraz is preparing for the weather by wearing her poncho as she walks to class. Emily Foley | Staff Photographer |
Art student at City College Kristine Bugge draws the landscape of the art court theatre quad Sept. 22 with a fine point sharpie for Art 302. Elizabeth Ramirez | Staff Photographer |



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