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Journalism professor says farewell to former home of department

Editor’s note: The Journalism Department will open in the fall in the new Student Services building and professor Jan Haag reflects on what that move means.

Back near the end of the last century, when the journalism department moved out here, you were called P-26—“P” for “portable”—though you’d been on this spot for a long time by then. That confused Ginny McReynolds and me, who at the time made up the entire journalism department faculty of City College. Did that mean there were 25 other portables on campus? We could maybe find eight or 10 others at that point, including the one next door, which was P-25 then. P-25 and 26 had been used as the campus child care center for I don’t know how long before the kids got their own brick building to the north of the portables.

I will never forget walking inside you for the first time. Ginny and I looked around, amused at the inner doors with the knobs two feet from the tops so little hands couldn’t reach them. And, in the large room on the north end of the building, along the west wall, three small, close-to-the-floor potties sat like flower pots. We…» Read More

Rock on, lucky one

Professor Kathryn Stanton is the only full-time faculty member in the geology department at City College.
Mike Nicholson //
From interior design to geology, one professor’s journey to City College academia

Kathryn Stanton often accessorizes her work outfits with a stylish, chunky, silvery necklace. It isn’t obvious from across the classroom, but the metal links are actually aluminum pop tabs.

In several ways, that necklace represents her. It’s unconventional, much like Stanton’s education and career path. The piece is made from recycled materials for the Escama Company by women near Brazil and was given to her by her husband.

“He knows that my tastes don’t run to the typical, and, of course, it was sustainably made,” Stanton says. “The better story would be that I drank all the beer and made it myself, but I can’t claim that story.”

Stanton holds a doctorate in paleontology and began teaching at City College in 2004 while still a graduate student at University of California, Davis.

“The job opening came up, so it was either apply or miss the opportunity,” says Stanton.

Teaching geology at City College is her dream job, she says.

“I just never thought I’d get lucky enough to have a job opening here while I was looking for work,” says Stanton. “And when I did get lucky enough that there was an opening, I didn’t think I’d ever get lucky…» Read More

Past hardships inspire student to aim higher and live life to the fullest

Sociology student Stuart “Andy” Winn has a clear vision for his future.

Emma Foley // Photo Editor //

Crisply pressed button-up shirt, fresh dark jeans, polished boots, topped off with a classic Movado Museum watch wrapped around the wrist of his tattoo-free arms. The sharp, educated appearance shows no trace of the past that has helped mold him into the scholar he is today.

Stuart “Andy” Winn, 37, is a student in his last semester at City College. Winn has been waiting to hear all semester if his application to the University of California, Berkeley, was approved for transfer. Berkeley is his dream university. Winn has a good chance. He holds a 3.7 transfer GPA and is completing his Associates of Arts degree in sociology.

Winn has been accepted into his backup school, University of California, Los Angeles. But he is waiting to hear from Berkeley. A transfer specialist has told him that he has a 90 percent chance of being accepted. There, he plans to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. After Berkeley, Winn would like to pursue his master’s in business administration at Stanford through a transfer program established between the schools.

Despite setting forth this plan, Winn has not always had such a clear vision of the road he was heading on.

“The…» Read More

Panther takes home gold, twice

Lovina Akauola, City College sophomore, finished first overall in the discus and the shot put at the Pete Giachetti Invite at Hughes Stadium on Feb. 21st.

Dianne Rose/
Athletes place high at track and field state championships

After long season of training for the California Community College Athletic Association’s track and field state championships, Panther’s Lovina Akaoula can officially call herself a state champion — two times over.

Sophomore Akaoula took home two gold medals in shot put and discus May 9 at the College of San Mateo. On her final throw of the shot put event, she threw 14.36 meters to beat out Cerritos’ Sisilia Puaka’s 13.38-meter throw.

It took only one throw in the discus event for Akaoula to take first place. She threw 42.28 meters to beat out second-place finisher Imani Bierly from Yuba College.

Of the other City College athletes to qualify for state, sophomore Henry Sharoyan finished third place in the men’s shot put event with a 15.99-meter throw. Long distance runner Amanda Rodriguez finished fourth place in the women’s 1500-meter run with a season-best time of 4:40.45, and men’s 4x400m relay team finished in seventh place.

For more stats and information on City College track and field, visit


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City College nursing students studying for finals in Mohr Hall May 13, 2015. Vanessa Nelson | Staff Photographer
City College students recently dropped off by Light Rail use a variety of transportation to get to their classes. Photo by Penelope Kahn | Staff Photographer |
Partial solar eclipse captured Oct. 23 through City College telescope. Emily Foley // Photo Editor //
Capoeire Club (Foke Lore & Dance), Ross Mele playing a traditional "lead" instrument during City College club day event. Bill Mahon| Staff Photographer|


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