Food, music and bargains

Fall Arts and Crafts Faire begins this week

The Student Leadership and Development’s Fall Arts and Crafts Faire will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 21, and will go through Thursday, Oct. 23, and run all day on both days.

“SLD’s goal for the faire is to raise funds for future campus life activities at SCC,” said Christopher Torres, Student Affairs specialist. “SLD also hopes to offer the campus community great bargains from the vendors, good food, and entertainment during this three-day event.”

Over 30 regional vendors will be selling arts and crafts in the Quad. Old Tyme Kernel Co., The Big Iguana, Egyptian Art, Coraza Crafts, Native Inka, Sacramento County Voter Registration, Covered California and Mary Kay Cosmetics are some of the vendors that will be present.

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Turning away from ‘good’ violence

Poet, activist opposes occupation of Gaza

Israeli American poet and activist Moriel Rothman-Zecher visited City College Oct. 1 to share several personal stories that helped influence his current outspoken activism to help end the war in Palestine.

To an audience of students and faculty members assembled in the Cultural Awareness Center, Rothman-Zecher first described when he was 9 years old in Ohio. A fierce act in defending a friend from being bullied instilled in him a mentality of ‘good violence:’ using violence to stop another act of violence or injustice happening in the world.

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Death and marriage

‘Gone Girl’ film review

The media are obsessed with missing and/or murdered wives. Every year there seems to be some sort of scandal of a bored housewife killing her child or a disloyal husband killing his loyal pregnant wife, therefore technically killing two people.

In high-profile female murder cases, the news media tend to bring the most focus on the victim’s story. The film “Gone Girl”, however, focuses on the side of the disloyal husband. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is a struggling writer who is having an affair with one of his students. His wife is Amy Dunne (Rosamond Pike), who is rich because she is the inspiration of her parent’s children’s book franchise based on a her childhood.

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How to put holes in your body

City College student Michael Lewis shows-off his 1-inch tunnels. Photo by Sierra Popp // Staff Writer //
A guide to body modification

Body modification, known as body mods, seems to be all the rage these days. Gauges, and piercings are more popular than ever, but so are infections, rejections and the career shutouts that come along with them. Most problems can be prevented with proper post-care and common sense.

Body modification can be a tricky situation. Using a professional is the safest route, but there is always some risk with every mod. Always do your research before you have someone give you something permanent.

“Always make sure your shop is state and

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On their final break of the day, freshman cosmetology students enjoy the summer-like weather Sept. 29 while eating snacks and making jokes outside the Cosmetology building at City College. Elizabeth Ramirez|Staff Photographer|
City College students Hoi Luc, business major, Nancy Vang, nursing major, Amanda Yehya and Ken San play a card game called "Duces" while they wait for class to start. 
Alina Castillo| Online photo editor|
City College gets hit by the first rainfall of the season. City College, Nursing student, Jaisha Alzaraz is preparing for the weather by wearing her poncho as she walks to class. Emily Foley | Staff Photographer |
Art student at City College Kristine Bugge draws the landscape of the art court theatre quad Sept. 22 with a fine point sharpie for Art 302. Elizabeth Ramirez | Staff Photographer |



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