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K-Pop forever

The musical genre K-Pop—Korean popular music—is, according to the New Yorker’s John Seabrook, “an East-West mash-up,” in which boy/girl band performances of “mesmerizing synchronized dance moves, accompanied…

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Marz the Marzian

Equipped with only beat samples from his tablet, City College student and local rap artist Marlyn Hill, AKA Marz the Marzian, displays some of his…

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Podcast: Behind the sermon: with Anthony Terry

Anthony Terry, a youth pastor with the Valley High Covenant Church. He works with kids in foster care in an effort to guide them on a path to a good life that they can be proud of.

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Podcast: Champion’s talk

Some people play cards for fun. For the select few, it is a way to make money, win prizes and gain fame. Jacky Fu and his team do all of these. Attending various events nationwide, Fu brings his competitive spirit to any table he plays at.


Podcast: Gordon Lazzarone: The Business of Photography

Adjunct photography professor Gordon Lazzarone shares some insight into the business of photography in today’s market. Lazzarone offers seasoned advice and perspective to students hoping to make a career from their passion for the camera.

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Podcast: Behind the desk with Isys Zuniga

City college student Isys Zuniga works part time at the information desk in the library. Zuniga not only has many responsibilities, but has met many students through the process.

Chris Robinson, a City College student who works with the Men's Leadership Academy program, preparing for his day. // Geoff Mccain // Staff Photographer // geoff@gmccontracting.com

Podcast: Chris Robinson makes a difference

City College student Chris Robinson is out to make a difference for teens that are under-performing and at risk of not graduating high school. He teaches them the value of leadership and the importance of life skills.

Rosalinda Vizina and Professor David Wyatt examine one of the Tomahawk traps, which contains the first ringtail that they found on this particular trip out to the Sutter Buttes. A bio-degradable bag is wrapped around each trap to provide the captured ring tails some privacy before they are released from the trap. | Callib Carver | callibcarver.express@gmail.com

PODCAST: David Wyatt biology professor studies Ring Tail population

David Wyatt is a City College biology professor who specializes in Ecology, and has been studying the Ring Tail population in the Sutter Buttes for 25 years. Professor Wyatt and Rosalinda Vizina, a biology major and one of Wyatt’s research assistants, are headed out to Sutter Buttes to capture and collar a new Ring tail after they found one of their other Ring tails dead.