Interceptions and sacks put City College football back on map with win

Photo by || R. Hanna

After a three-game losing streak City College captured its second win of the season Oct. 15 with a commanding performance, 36-19, against Solano College at Hughes Stadium.

City College started the game with a touchdown on its opening drive. After several plays, quarterback Dominic Carmazzi connected with receiver Cedric Anderson for a 10-yard touchdown pass.

Along with a 6-point touchdown, Anderson also was able to convert with a 2-point conversion that put the team ahead, 8-0, with 9:16 left in the first quarter.

“We all worked together as a team, as units, all units – special teams, offense, defense [and] coaching,” running back Devian McKinnie said. “Everything was just falling [into place] tonight. This was a team win.”

After City College kicked off, Solano quickly responded with a 37-yard pass to wide receiver Johnie Williams.

City College came back as running back Lanier Logan scored a second touchdown with 33.3 seconds left in the first quarter. Logan accounted for 21 of the team’s 36 points, with three touchdowns in the game.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Solano scored a touchdown that put it within two points of City College.

Toward the end of the second quarter, City College put together a strong drive led by running backs Logan and McKinnie. Logan scored a touchdown with 19.5 seconds left in the second quarter, putting City College ahead at halftime with a score of 22-13.

Neither team was able to put together a successful drive in the third quarter, which left the score 22-13 heading into the fourth quarter. Defensive lineman Brock Murdock helped to suppress Solano with a sack resulting in a 7-yard loss.

The fourth quarter began with a punt from City College and then an interception by defensive back Devon Montgomery on Solano’s second offensive drive. The interception put City College in perfect position for its next touchdown scored by McKinnie with 8:38 left on the clock.

Dustin Mollard suffered an injury on the previous play after making a run for four yards that put City College within the 10-yard line. Although Solano scored another touchdown in the fourth, it was unable to mount a comeback to take the lead.

SCC quarterback Dominic Carmazzi (No. 11) hands off the ball to runningback Lanier Logan (No. 4) in the Oct. 15 game against Solano College at Hughes Stadium. Photo by || R. Hanna

Toward the end of the game Logan made his final touchdown with a 44-yard run to put the Panthers up, 36-19.

Defensive back Aaron Hanna made a fourth quarter interception with 1:50 left on the clock to give City College the ball and the win.

“Defense came out good. We practiced hard this week and it paid off today,” Hanna said. “We just got to get better at the things we do good and pay more attention to the things we do wrong.”

After the game, head football coach Dannie Walker said he was excited about the team’s performance..

“You look at tonight, and a lot of that [action] happened with us being able to play together,” Walker said. “The success showed it on offense and defense and special teams.”

The win was a morale booster for the Panthers as they head into their first conference game against Feather River College, Walker said. “I believe we can win our conference.”

City College football team will compete Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. against Feather River College in Quincy, Calif.

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