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The front page headline of the April 28 Sacramento Bee boldly claimed, “Sacramento performing arts center could be next big-ticket item for city.” The article, by Hudson Sangree and Edward Ortiz, describes the debate over renovating the Community Center Theater, a tremendous and ugly cement block of a building at 13th and L streets, or starting fresh and constructing a new, state-of-the-art performing arts center.

The existing theater needs about $11 million in renovations to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. An accompanying facelift for the theater has been proposed for $52 million.

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Rape culture exists

“That’s just what happens at parties.” A rape victim’s friend gave her this reason as why the victim’s rapist attacked. The submission was written on a piece of cardboard and held up to the camera for Project Unbreakable, a website for rape victims to confront their past.

Another submission, written on a piece of lined paper and held up by a tattooed young man, told the camera what his rapist had told him: “This is how men learn to be men.”

These statements are more than just acts of awareness by rape victims. These statements serve to heighten awareness of what today’s generation calls ‘rape culture.’

However, some have countered recently that there is no such thing as rape culture.


City Scene

Whether a writer is seeking it or not, there is a degree of anonymity in authorship.

And it takes courage to peek out from behind written pages and share one’s works aloud. Authors find themselves on a stage facing a crowd, a book held in shaking hands, and wondering how they’re going to make it through.

But, for those willing to step away from the shadows and into the spotlight, open mics and reading events can be very rewarding.

“It gives an opportunity to students to share their work in ways that’s more than just on a page,” says Dr. Steve Cirrone, a City College English professor and adviser for the school’s annual literary journal, Susurrus.


Living in the times of the not-so-free press

There is no question: The Internet changed the scape of mass media during the last part of the 20th century and the first decade of the new millennium, and it is a valuable informational tool. However, with so much information, it can be difficult to discern the legitimate from illegitimate. News is immediately available in abundance and opinion flows freely, while the truth is easily lost. A lie repeated in enough messages can masquerade as truth when it goes viral.

With a growing number of publications and broadcasters, the First Amendment guarantee of a free press can be confused not only by the Internet, but also by billionaires and a small list of giant media conglomerates. The facts may still be reported, but there is a question of credibility when the company or individual has an interest in the news that is disseminated and the writer or editor self-edits, in fear of reprisal.

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Downtown dining on a student’s budget

Spring break is a often a time for taking trips out of town, visiting family or, for some students, finishing those big semester projects.

For the City College students who are stuck in the Sacramento area, it may seem like there isn’t much fun to be had. However, if cheap food and/or drinks are enough to cure the boredom, you’re in luck. Happy hour is a perfect time to put some pants on, hop in your car or grab the light rail and head out to one of the many establishments that offer deals and a comfortable seat so you can take your mind o of your worries.

Take a look at our list of the best local joints that offer special during that special time of day.

City College student Jessica Daniels says effective time management allows her to successfully carry 17 course units as she also fulfills her family responsibilities. Photo by Elizabeth Ramirez | Staff Photographer | elizabethramirezexpress@gmail.com

Managing to get by

As college students, we have so much stuff on our plates. Some of us may be juggling 12 or more units, working part time and have family responsibilities.

The question we may ask ourselves is, “How can I manage my time effectively this semester and not get overwhelmed?”

That is a question I ask myself all the time, especially since I am taking 17 units this semester and helping to raise my 1-year-old twin nephews with my family. There are times when I do feel overwhelmed and wonder how I will get through this semester successfully.


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The average age of today’s live theater patron is over 50 years old—at least given the amount of gray hair I see in Sacramento audiences. With baby boomers retiring, the local theater scene enjoys steady patronage. But theater directors need to find ways to engage younger audiences.

With hundreds of TV channels, video games, and multi-million dollar blockbusters on screens everywhere and eyes glued to smartphones, how do theaters stand a chance? How do we spark new interest while maintaining established theatergoers’ support?

One exciting way to do this is fusing multiple artistic forms of media—think radio, visual arts, projection, live theater, music and special effects mashed up with traditional works.