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You’ve got to pay to stay

Armed with its new slogan and ready to work with any confused or indebted student, the Students Obtaining Success program was stationed throughout City College campus during the first three days of February. The goal was to aid and inform students about how to pay their enrollment fees to avoid being dropped from courses.

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ODD NEWS | The writing’s on the walls

From the most posh of communities to the poorest of neighborhoods, graffiti seems omnipresent. It’s such an established norm that it appears to blend seamlessly into the background of Sacramento’s urban jungle.

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Ringing in the new semester

City College staff and faculty returned from winter break Jan. 19 and discussed how to stay attuned to student needs despite the grim news about budget cuts. Although the event was directed toward City College staff, faculty and administration, the issues were relevant to the entire campus community.

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City College cuts classes

Although tuition fees did not increase this semester, City College and its student body are feeling the effects of California’s budget shortfall with canceled classes and more students fighting for spaces in the classes that remain open.

Under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal, released Jan. 9, the Los Rios Community College District would face an approximate cut of $15.4 million, and an approximate $3 million budget cut for City College. As a result, City College is canceling many classes with low enrollment this semester.

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Students, faculty welcome President Obama

Jan. 20 marked a historical world event: the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African- American to be elected U.S. president. It also happened to be the start of classes for the spring semester.