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Meet Will Sim

“Are you going to take my picture?” The low, nasal voice on the other end of the phone sounds hurried, yet genuinely concerned. He is reassured that he is just going to be interviewed today. “All right, then I won’t wax my mustache. I’ll be there soon.”

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Will Sim, a 21-year-old student at City College, is the type of guy who cannot be defined. The word “eccentric” falls to its knees when used to illustrate his personality, and those who know him are left at a loss for words when asked to compare him to anyone or anything.

This is, after all, the man who once drunk-dialed one of his friend’s parents. But that’s another story.

“I don’t know, whenever I try to describe Will, I just say ‘Will’,” says Katie Kaffka, a 21-year-old student at UC Berkeley, who has known him since seventh grade.

Fifteen minutes after calling, he arrives at Sophia’s, a local hip-yet-sophisticated bar in downtown Davis, which he refers to as a “notable source of graduate student hangovers.” He orders the Argentine malbec, making all other wine drinkers in the bar look amateurish.

“On the day I was born, there was a horrible storm. Fires broke out all over the place. Power was out in most of the town – winds were wreaking havoc,” he says, senses disbelief, and continues. “And the best part is I’m not making this up.”

That day was March 27, 1988, which, according to Sim, was the most important day of his life, because in the literal sense of the word, his creation marks his greatest inspiration. Though he acknowledges the cliché, he is driven by his desire to change the world.
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“I’ve always felt that any sort of skills you have and knowledge you learn are sort of wasted unless you can apply them to help other people,” he says, using his glass of malbec as more of a theatrical prop than anything at this point. “So, I think my sort of ridiculous goals of making the world nice and better are what fuel me.”

For him, the path to make the world a better place will start by transferring to Portland State – or Berkeley if he gets in – to get his degree in Middle East studies, with a specialty in Lebanon and Lebanese-Israeli and Lebanese-Iranian interactions. He also plans on spending time studying abroad at the American University of Beirut.

“Ultimately, I would like to put my learning to use in a way which will make an impact on the world – preferably a positive one,” he says as he sits up straight and eyes his pack of Nat Shermans. “I’d like to end up working for the government in foreign relations – possibly as a diplomat or in the Department of Defense.”

Though he is currently unemployed, Sim acknowledges his talents as a chef and occasionally does catering work for a quirky woman in Davis. He says she once made him recite the beginning of “Romeo and Juliet” – which he knows by heart – while cooking, and she often tells him about various conspiracy theories. However, he also loves to cook for his family for fun.

“Pies!” Sabrina Simonton, a 21-year-old student at San Francisco State and one of Will’s old friends, recalls enthusiastically. “Every holiday season he bakes like four pies for his family.”

Sim also romanticizes the thought of becoming a famous writer, and spends quite a bit of time writing short stories, plays and music for his band, which is appropriately named Mustache. But until then, he’ll work on fulfilling his dream of saving the world.

“If I met another Will Sim, I’d kiss him on the mouth. And give him a high five,” he says, but then rethinks it. “Actually that might be a bit narcissistic, even for me.”

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