Welcome to Arts and Entertainment

A glass display case showing various student paintings.A display case in the Performing Arts Building shows student paintings. Student art creations can be seen in City College offices and halls throughout the campus. Photo by Callib Carver | c.carver.express@gmail.com

Welcome! Readers are coming across this new and unfamiliar section on SacCityExpress.com and what you will soon see on the Sacramento City College Express print edition. My name is Wendy Aguilar and I am the arts and entertainment editor for the fall of 2012 semester.

The Sac City Express wanted to make some changes this fall that would appeal to our readers by providing a new section with interesting stories on art and entertainment.

This new section will include stories on theatre, art and music, just to name a few, within the City College community. It will also contain pop culture content such as movie reviews.

With a ride range of diversity among the college campus, art and entertainment is important as it reflects accomplishments and hard work of the college community.

Whether it’s students working all semester long on a painting or professors helping their students learn to read music notes, we believe it deserves recognition and it’s our job to do that.

City College has many wonderful artists and entertainers that this paper will try to showcase.

While the Sac City Express staff will do its best to try and expand coverage of all art and entertainment, your thoughts and opinions are also important to us. As a college newspaper, we are here to represent students, faculty and staff and the college as best as we can.

Whether it’s contacting us on story ideas or thoughts on previous stories, hearing from you would help the staff understand and cover the section better.

You can contact us at the Express newsroom (916) 558-2695 or me at a.wendy09@yahoo.com