Kevin De Leon (left), Dianne Feinstein (center), Alison Hartson (right). Photo illustration by Jason Pierce | Photo Editor |

Editorial: CA should drop Feinstein

The United States is in flux. Between aggressive gerrymandering and a defunct Electoral College, there’s a clear message: Democratic votes are worth less than Republican…

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BOG fee waiver requirements may change

City College students who don’t meet academic progress requirements may soon lose eligibility for the California Community College Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver if…

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Change in plans

The City College Associated Student Government will become two groups in November — the Student Associated Council and the Student Senate — under a new…

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Health care crisis hits students

While the battle for health care reform continues to rage in Congress, it remains to be seen how any of the proposed changes will affect college students in the long run.

With the House of Representatives passage of the ever-controversial Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962, on Nov. 9, 2009, and the Senate still working on a health care reform bill of its own, the greatest challenge will come after it has passed, when congressional leaders put their heads together and find common ground…