Dave Pacheco

Hudson Buck City College sophomore climbs the rope during offseason wrestling class March 3 in the North Gym. Photo by Dianne Rose / Staff Photographer / dianne.rose.express.com

When losers become winners

The offseason is a time when players turn their weaknesses into strengths. It’s when players get stronger both physically and mentally. It’s when losers become winners.

During the regular season, the emphasis of progression is geared toward the team rather than the individual. During the offseason, however, it’s about working hard to get individual players’ skills developed.

For City College athletes on any of the school’s 18 competitive teams, the offseason is not solely a time for rest and relaxation, but in many cases it is when the real work begins.

“There really is no offseason for us,” said City College women’s basketball head coach Devin Engebresten. “When our season ends, the girls only get three weeks off.”

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