Student gov heats up; Vacancies fill, students still encouraged to get involved

Miguel Guerrero, Student Senate president, runs a meeting. Ulysses Ruiz | Staff Photographer | Guerrero, Student Senate president, runs a meeting. Ulysses Ruiz | Staff Photographer |

Natasha Radisic
Staff Writer


The City College experience isn’t just about taking classes. In fact, there’s a group of people devoted to getting students more involved on campus — the Student Associated Council.

There are two student government boards — the Student Senate and the Clubs and Events Board. This year, the overall goal for the SAC is to get more people involved.

The semester started out with a number of vacancies for student government positions. CAEB recently appointed MariBethe Browne treasurer, and out of the 10 open project coordinator positions, one has been filled. There is still an opening for secretary of technology.

Georgia Sherman, secretary of CAEB, wants students to know that despite positions being filled, there is always a space for passionate people to get involved.

“The more the merrier,” Sherman said. “We have something here for every major, every student.”

Keanna LaForga, vice president of the Student Senate, wants more people to share their campus experiences with the student government in hopes of creating a better community at City College.

The Student Senate is responsible for making resolutions, nominating students to decision-making committees and allocating resources to a variety of projects on campus, according to LaForga.

Because students are busy with their jobs outside of school, reaching out to them is not an easy task. Representatives will be visiting classes to speak about their work, answering questions, handing out flyers and organizing events to get more students involved.

Primarily, student government puts effort into improving the campus and its atmosphere for students.

“I have to make sure that every student knows the clubs that are available on campus, and upcoming events,” says Humberto Rodriguez Jimenez, secretary of public relations for the Clubs and Events Board.

Jimenez believes that increasing the number of events will increase student participation, eventually increasing the rate of enrollment for the following year.

Kim Beyrer is the faculty coordinator of Student Leadership and Development and works closely with the student government. She is responsible for advising the Student Associated Council, including CAEB and the Student Senate.

Beyrer says that the student government is involved in every aspect of the school and campus, but its main job is to serve and represent students because students are the ones who develop their own priorities and their own goals.

“Whoever shows interest in the student government should join as soon as they can,” Beyrer says.

“It equips you with the leadership skills and makes you more direct,” says Jimenez.

“Students who get more involved and feel more connected in their campus community, they feel like they matter more and are more successful academically,” says Beyrer. “The connection can come through the student association, journalism, athletics — how students get engaged can come through a variety of ways. What’s important is that they get engaged.”

Anyone interested in participating in student government can attend CAEB meetings Mondays at noon in RHN 258, as well as board meetings Wednesdays at noon in RHN 258. Additional information can be found on the SAC website at