Civility essay contest winners announced

Students were asked to write 800 to 1,500 words how they experience civility in their everyday lives. Matthew Blackburn |

Winners of the Sierra Health Foundation’s Outstanding Essay Contest on the topic of civility include Alysia Iglesias, who was awarded $1,000 for first place; Allison Dycaico, who won $700 for second place; and in a tie for third place, Jason George and Rudy Behrens were awarded $300 each on May 11.

Students were asked to write 800 to 1,500 words on what civility means to them, as well as how they experience it in their everyday lives.

English professor Anne Lewis presented the awards in a small ceremony of over two dozen students and faculty. The awards were distributed to the winners following short lectures on nonfiction writing by English professors Steve Cirrone and Jeff Knorr.

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