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Oct. 15, 2012

Dimmed lights, seesaw sounds, soft moans and heavy breathing while glancing at each other’s eyes once in a while. Another disappointing night, there in a bed lays my friend Holly wishing it would just stop already.

After realizing once again that what she wants won’t be coming, she reconciles with the performance she’ll have to act out once again.  routinely she arches her back, closes her eyes and let the “oh” from the shape of her lips and escape her mouth.

The guy on top feels proud with what he accomplished and then makes his final performance of the night.  Silence falls and while he stares at the ceiling with a grin, she stares at it with dissatisfaction.

Men and women don’t always know what they’re doing when it comes to sex, in particularly college students, but without communication in the bedroom women continue feeling disappointed and unsatisfied night after night while men have no idea how their partner feels.

When asked in a survey I conducted if they’ve ever faked an orgasm, nine ofut of 10 random City College women said they have and they all said their partners could never tell.

“A lot of women say that they…» Read More

Namaste every day
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Oct. 15, 2012

Strolling through the quiet, air conditioned halls of City College’s Performing Arts building, I noticed two copies of the same orange, half sheet of paper tacked onto different bulletin boards.

On both flyers was a chart of the 32 yoga classes the Yoga Seed offers. Descriptions of the classes were given at the bottom of the flyer: vinyasa would be active and sweaty, “ALL BODIES” would be for all mobility levels with minimal pressure on the wrists, Yoga Para Todos was for Spanish speakers; there was even a vinyasa-based, “Queer Community” class.

Above the class schedule it read that these classes were donation-based, from $7 to $15 a class or unlimited classes a month from $60 to $120.

“Neat,” I thought.

Reasonable prices are some of today’s biggest requests. But what’s the deal with yoga, anyway?

I’ve seen enough people walking around in yoga pants, carrying Starbucks cups to associate the practice as something emerging from some secret society.

I’ve wondered for too long, now what the secret behind the exercise is. I mean, if others can enjoy and incorporate into their busy lives, what was my excuse?

It’s not like I haven’t tried it before. The last time I…» Read More

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Oct. 10, 2012

If you’re an NHL fan, Sept. 15 had to be an especially tough day.

On that day, a collective bargaining agreement stemming from a player contract dispute expired and the National Hockey League announced to the world that it would enter into a lockout less than a month before the beginning of the 2012/2013 season.

That decision led to the entire pre-season being canceled as well. Now here we are, three weeks later. The chains are on, the lights are off in the arenas and 82 scheduled games have been canceled, as well as the purchase of my San Jose Sharks hat I wanted before the season.

To add to the frustration, the NHL lockout is becoming more and more severe with every passing day. It’s the fourth time in less than 20 years that the NHL has had regular season games canceled, with the last time coming when the entire 2004/2005 season was cancelled.

So what caused all of this unrest in the league?

Some key issues that the owners brought up have to do with the players’ contracts, setting a maximum five-year contract term on all new players, as well as wanting to eliminate signing bonuses, eliminate front-loaded…» Read More

A motorcycle helmet.
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Oct. 9, 2012

Many people have misconceptions about the stereotypes surrounding motorcyclists. Between the gangs and the violence, people look at bikers with an air of caution, expecting that at any time, their helmet might peel open at the back and reveal a claymore.

Parents don’t want their daughters to date motorcyclists, and they don’t want their sons to ride them. Needless to say, I threw my parents for a loop by becoming a motorcyclist, but at the end of the day I honestly feel safer on my motorcycle than I ever have in a car.

The perks just don’t stop. I spend about 10 percent of what car drivers do on gas, even if they only have a 4-cylinder engine.

Additionally, I can split lanes through high-volume traffic and I don’t ever have to pay a mechanic. You heard right, maintenance is so simple on older bikes that anyone can do it—even a girl.

However, the world of two-wheels isn’t all about independence.

As a 10-year rider, I have seen many friends and family members killed in auto accidents purely from the negligence of third-party drivers. My father was nearly killed about a month before I was born in a motorcycle accident…» Read More

EDITORIAL: iGroan 5(times)
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Sept. 26, 2012

Wind the clocks back a little less than a year ago to Oct. 14, 2011. Nationwide, the scene at AT&T or Verizon Wireless retailers was described as having hundreds of people waiting in line, with some waiting overnight. If you were passing by without knowing anything about modern technology, you would think that something free was being handed out.

It seemed silly that people would wait this desperately for the newest iPhone, but you still had faith in humanity because these people weren’t trampling each other like it was Black Friday. It should also be noted that this was for a cell phone that had a “S” tagged to the back of its predecessor’s name, with new digital smart mouth Siri, who you could talk to.

For everyone who didn’t have the “gotta have the newest electronics” mentality, it continued to become more ridiculous.

“It’s the most amazing iPhone yet,” was Apple’s slogan for the iPhone 4S.

Fast forward closer to the present. On Sept. 13, 2012, technology media website CNET.com reported that the Apple online store server went gone down a day after revealing the iPhone 5. CNET later reported the day after, on the first day of pre-order…» Read More

Manners, dead or alive: The crucifixion of decency
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Sept. 26, 2012

If you’ve stepped onto the City College campus for more than two hours, chances are you will interact with at least 20 different people.

In that time and with that many interactions, chances are another member of the City College society will do something to piss you off.

Manners: Where have they gone and when did parents stop teaching their children the importance of being polite and considerate?

A woman sits in a class; her left leg, poor posture and muffin top seep into the aisles while students struggle to pass.

Students are silent and the flickering of phones has ceased. The psych professor jabbers on about Oedipus complexes and Freud.

Students sink further into their seats, depressed and ashamed as if the professor were talking directly at them.

The clatter of jingling key chains and ruffling paper breaks the trance.

The woman fumbles through her designer knock-off purse. She pulls out a blue toothbrush; the bristles covered with tattered tissue paper.

In her hands she examines the brush, smoothing the end of the handle then holding it up to the light. She shakes her head, unimpressed and upset.

Suddenly she unsheathes the inkwell of a cheap pen, using the…» Read More

Clowns on the left, jokers on the right
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Sept. 23, 2012

Gung-ho cowboys shoot from the hip with a freshly-rolled cigarette seeping from the corner of their mouths. Barrels are loaded and heads covered with a ten-gallon hat.

The lassoing of big business, Christian extremists screaming anti-gay remarks and fracking things up.

Children sit at the same podium preaching peace, love and progression. They sway back and forth with tambourines, flutes and ukuleles.

“Relent your guns,” they say, “and your 32 oz. sodas.”

This is in accordance with the New York ban on the 32 oz. soda, a staple of the American diet.

For years, I’ve regurgitated the same “vote or die” bulls— spiel to my mother.

“The founders of this country fought for our rights, you unpatriotic jerk,” I’ve told her.

However, at the all-knowing age of 19 and with a presidential election coming up, I’ve finally realized my lack of enthusiasm in democracy.

The democratic process may be filled with educated and intuitive voters, but I’ve met very few people in general who fit this description.

In reality—and to the demise of my sanity—the same people, who can’t get my order right at the drive-thru are also given the right to vote. People I wouldn’t trust with a turd…» Read More

National Football League insignia.
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Sept. 14, 2012

“Football is back, you bet.” – Al Michaels.

As many know, the NFL has returned for its 2012 season. Let’s look ahead to the upcoming season. I’ll start with the division represented by the Lombardi Trophy winners from last season.

The NFC East consists of defending champions New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. My favorite to win this division, even after an ugly loss to rival Cowboys, is the Giants. I like their defense and think Eli Manning has proven to be a top five quarterback. I see this division being very close, and although Dallas added a couple top-notch cornerbacks, they aren’t the headline here.

What to Watch:  Redskins starting quarterback and former Heisman trophy winner from Baylor, Robert Griffin III.

Now I’ll move to the AFC East. This division contains the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. I, as well as many others have a clear-cut favorite: the Patriots. The opposition pretty much consists of Jets fans, Jets players and Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan. With Tom Brady still playing and Bill Belichick still coaching, it sounds like the ninth AFC East title in 10 years to me.

What…» Read More

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