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Amanda Oliver is part of StyleFree Crew, who won the WingStop commercial contest of $10,000. Photo Courtesy of WingStop's Facebook page.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Most people would not shun a prize of $10,000 unless they were wealthy enough to hire small children to serve them around their mansion and…

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City College professor gives back to troops

It can be hard for people to look past the green grass on their own side of the fence to see a neighborhood infested with weeds.

The timeless argument of “walk–a-mile” in someone else’s shoes is hard to comprehend when the person is thousands of miles away and they’re wearing combat boots.

Professor of Computer Information Science Sheley Little admits to her once obliviousness to the trials and tribulations of the United State’s military troops.

That was until her son was deployed to Afghanistan last December. Little says that fear, concern, and realization all hit home when her baby boy was sent into combat.

It was then when her primal motherly instinct took over.

Little says she needed to feel proactive. She found a way

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a building

SCC library receives new books

Students who like to read or need a resource for a project should be excited to know that the Learning Resource Center has received new books and media.

Among the new selections is a variety of topics, from music to war to justice for human rights.

City College’s LRC orders new books on a regular basis for students. The LRC would also

a round textured fruit

Are those alien brains?

Students who have passed or walked over the grassy area near Rodda Hall North have most likely noticed weird fruits resembling brains on the ground.

These same students may have also noticed people picking them up or even crushing them until lime-green fluid oozes out.

Sitting around the trees, constant questions

The Learning Resource Center or LRC is located on the south side of campus at Sacramento City College.  Evan E. Duran |

Library deals with censorship through vandalism

Censorship has always been a threat to freedom, even in the United States, where freedom of speech is granted by the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, one of the country’s oldest documents.

Even in modern times, censorship can rear its head. Vandalism of a controversial art piece or poster can be a particular type of censorship.

City College Learning Resource Center employees say, even if it doesn’t seem like an omnipresent threat, it can still happen anywhere, anytime,

Students dressed in black and red stand side by side.

MESA team takes home top prize

Students from the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement program at City College and Cosumnes River College teamed up to flatten colleges and universities across California in an Oct. 19 competition sponsored by some of the leading energy and utility industries in the state.

The competition’s sponsors were PG&E, Southern California Gas, and Southern California Edison. These leading energy and utility industries are suffering from a workforce shortage, and they approached college students majoring in the fields of math,

Five men gathered to share on a panel of former domestic violence abusers as part of the "Surviving Against All Odds" domestic violence event on Oct. 19, 2012.  Kate Paloy |

Domestic violence unmasked

Domestic violence is real and it does not discriminate – its victims will continue to be in danger. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic…

Cosmopolitan students dressed up and through a parade  at City College in celebration of Halloween. Jessica Rine |

Zombies, front of the line

A ladybug curls a gangster’s hair. A vampire jokes with a zombie pirate and a geisha. Halloween is on at the Cosmetology Department. Students enrolled…

Kelvin Sanders ||

Making the grade

Free tutoring, printing, computer use, and Internet access. These are just some of the free services available to City College student-athletes enrolled in Sports 90…