Art with a heart; Creative Alliance Club builds arts community

City College student and president of the Creative Alliance Club, Francisco Vasquez, in front of a painting he collaborated on. Jiaxin Lu | Staff Photographer |

Margo Alexander
Staff Writer


The semester is well on its way, and academic schedules are set until the end of the year. But college is not just about classes, it’s also about expanding and experimenting with your social life, meeting new people and getting active in your community.

City College has a plethora of student clubs to consider joining, with clubs focused on the arts, politics, career building, and everything in between. One club is catering to a broad range of interests to draw more students The Creative Alliance Club is an up-and-coming, multi-disciplinary club that is doing just that, combining various art forms with a focus on community involvement.

The club was founded in spring 2017 by students and graphic design majors Francisco Vasquez, Humberto Rodriguez and Tanish Jindal.

Sitting on a bench in the Quad, they reminisced about how it all got started.

“One day during spring semester in 2017, my teacher made us do a presentation about ourselves,” says club treasurer Humberto Rodriguez. “And so I went up and explained that I was a student leader here at SCC, and how I love art, design and social activity.”

After the class, Vasquez came up to him, very excited to hear about his involvement with student government.

“And right away, he pitched him the idea for a Creative Alliance Club, Rodriguez says, smiling, “one that bridges the creative gaps between the different departments.”

“I originally wanted to start a club for GCOM students, which are graphic design students,” Vasquez, the current club president, says. “Eventually, Humberto introduced me to other students that were starting different clubs, like photography club, poetry club. And I’m into all of those things as well, and also music. I do a lot with the art scene.”

So they put their heads together, and came up with the idea for the Creative Alliance.

Jindal, the public relations officer for the club, jumps in with great enthusiasm, “We connect with all the creative clubs, photography, graphic design, film and music. We combine everything together and make projects, so students can get to work on getting together their professional portfolios, and also give back to the community.”

Creative Alliance partners up with non-profit organizations by designing materials they need, and the club also host events.

This club is committed not only to the arts, but to staying involved in community events.

“We try to pull the community together and do something for the greater good that we could not do alone,” says Jindal.

Rodriguez, 25, has art hanging alongside Vasquez’s at the Sacramento Brazilian Center in Midtown, one of the club’s community partners.

“Joining our club facilitates the organizing of team-building skills, and for students to step outside of their departments and meet students from other departments,” Rodriguez says.

Not only is the group very civic-minded, in joining, students get a chance to blend their own endeavors with other art students.

The high spirits and club enthusiasm among these three individuals is palpable, not to mention contagious.

The club’s weekly meetings take place in the Art Quad on Wednesdays from 3–4 p.m., they are open to all students. In addition, every second Saturday of the month, they stage an event.

On Dec. 7, the Creative Alliance will be doing its biggest event ever, the Xpressions Showcase, from 5–9 p.m. in the Student Center. They will be featuring work from the film department, and also performances from the music, photography and dance departments. In the next few weeks they will be sending out flyers for this event, so look for your chance to participate.

For more information or to contact the Creative Alliance, go to