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ODD NEWS | The writing’s on the walls

Christopher Geanakos
[email protected]

From the most posh of communities to the poorest of neighborhoods, graffiti seems omnipresent. It’s such an established norm that it appears to blend seamlessly into the background of Sacramento’s urban jungle.

At City College, things are no different.

There’s not much that distinguishes the vandalism on campus from most anywhere else. The obligatory crude remarks are present, as are the cliché depictions of bodily organs. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the men’s bathroom in the Administration of Justice Building and have your fill.

The barrage of vandalism ensures that City College custodians are kept very busy. According to Bob Torres, City College custodian, he usually has to wash over graffiti at least three times a week.

Donna Nguyen, also a City College custodian, believes that despite efforts to keep the campus clean, these acts of vandalism will still occur.

“It’s horrible. Every day it is here,” Nguyen commented.

Although it’s likely that many students find some humor or entertainment in the tagging found on campus, not all students are amused.
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“It’s kind of stupid,” said Michael Stephens, English major. “If these guys really have so much to say, then why do they spend their time drawing on bathroom walls?”

Campus police understand why graffiti is such a problem in bathrooms.

“The real problem with taggers is you actually have to catch them in the act,” Los Rios Community College Police Officer Christian Keister said. “That’s why you see a lot in the bathroom. You got privacy there.”

However, not all graffiti on campus is restricted to the bathroom, and not all is vulgar.

A skull and crossbones motif adorns the walls of Rodda Hall North, with a word caption that reads “suck it.” Although many would find this a tad offensive, it’s actually light and whimsical in comparison to some of the more crass tagging on campus.

“Lea Wazz Hea, June 9, 2007” is also inscribed by marker on the concrete slab lining the stairway of Rodda Hall North. It’s just a little scribble; however, it set me to thinking.

This Lea could still be strolling about the campus or long gone; so long as his or her name stays written on the walls for students to see, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps it’s this permanence of the message that drives so many to vandalize school property. Although I’m sure that some do it for shock value, as well.

In the case of Lea, his or her presence is cemented, at least until the custodians wipe it away.

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