Kondos Gallery

Perfect Circle by Jr. Jones. seemingly sprouts out from an interior Kondos Gallery Wall April 6 during Birdhouses 4, the fourth in a series of annual Birdhouses exhibitions of creations by local artists. Photo by Teri Barth // Online Editor in Chief // express.teri.barth@gmail.com

Avian homes fill Kondos Gallery 4/11

Kondos Gallery opened its newest exhibition, Birdhouses 4, with a lively reception April 3 at City College.

The fourth annual Birdhouse exhibition at Kondos Gallery featured local artists’ takes on namesake birdhouses, its opening reception packed-to-bursting with guests of which many knew one another.

“It’s crowded in there,” said attendee Jerry Norris. “But I did get around to all of the houses.”

From the rustic to the sleek and modern, birdhouses of all sorts comprise the display at Kondos Gallery. One formed of crumpled sheet music. Another a multi-family avian dwelling shaped as a cross with Mickey Mouse plush impaled to it. An ornate paper castle with scenes from classic fairy tales peek out through sides cutout of towering cardboard creations. A street lamp turned dwelling.

Some works suspend from the gallery ceiling, others stand upright on shelves, while still another rests amid depicted trees. None the imitator, a true tree limb coddling a nest appeared to sprout from a gallery wall.

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Kondos Gallery hosts Paint by Numbers

The Kondos Gallery at City College will host its newest exhibition Paint by Numbers through March 26. Paint By Numbers opened in the Kondos Gallery…

Gregory Kondos painting a landscape. Photo courtesy of http://www.gregkondos.org/

Kondos at Kondos

The white walls of the Kondos Gallery on campus will exhibit vibrance with the signature color blue from its namesake artist Gregory Kondos. The gallery will display work until April 26 from the esteemed Sacramento artist to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Kondos himself will also be giving a lecture on Thursday, April 11, from 3:45-4:45p.m. The reception for the exhibit will follow the lecture, starting at 5 p.m.