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Gimme five! Football 5-0 for first time since 1999

Nick Pecoraro Sports Editor Npecoraro.express@gmail.com   The City College football team has been known to make some exciting, highlight-worthy plays this season, from 90-yard kickoff…

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Letter to the editor

Re: Out on the field (Express, Feb. 25)

My name is Dannie Walker, head football coach at Sacramento City College. I am writing a personal statement to clarify the lack of accuracy in a story a student reporter published in the Sac City Express Volume 98 Issue 8. The article was in regards to openly gay athletes in sports and, more specifically, former University of Missouri football player Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay.

I am disheartened that what I said to the student reporter was not accurately published in the article, and he failed to write any positive comments I gave him. The student reported that I refused to comment on whether my program is accepting of openly gay athletes, quoting me as saying “It’s really not something I want to talk about.” This is simply incorrect. I did, in fact, comment, but clearly not to the student reporters’ satisfaction.

When asked about Michael Sam’s decision to announce his sexual preference to America, I stated, “I am happy he did that.”

Quarterback Taylor Laird out for season

After working hard during fall training camp and impressing coaches, Taylor Laird got the starting quarterback position for the City College Panthers, according to the team’s head coach Dannie Walker.

The team won its season opener against Sierra College Sept. 7 in a game that went into overtime. City College won 37-31, and Laird threw for 474 yards and had 5 touchdowns.

And when it came time to play the second game of the season, Laird said that he was ready to go.

“I was very positive and upbeat,” said Laird.

Football players in the middle of a play.

Standing tall among giants

While the average linebacker on a football team typically stands over 6 feet tall, there is one who claims his height to be his No….

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Armed and dangerous

City College quarterback Ron Beverly, 20, has been around the game of football since he was just 2 years old, having grown up in a…

football players are running and tackling on the field.

Panthers fall to Beavers 38-23 in inaugural game

The City College Panthers ended the Hughes dedication event on Friday, Sept. 7, with their first game at the newly refurbished Hughes Stadium, in which the football team faced off against the American River College Beavers in a game that ended in defeat for City College with a score of 38-23 bringing the Panthers season record to 0-2.

“You’ve got to be proud to wear the colors,” said head coach Dannie Walker to the football team.