Students prepare for Die-In

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The ANSWER Coalition has planned an Oct. 7 “Die-In” protest—where people pretend to die—as a symbolic demonstration—of both the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war Friday  and as a statement to “stop the attacks on the working people.”

Staged at the Federal Building in downtown Sacramento at 6 p.m., the organizers seek students who will participate in the Sacramento rally, one of many happening throughout the nation. A similar rally will take place on the same day at the Federal Building in downtown San Francisco.

According to Estevan Hernandez, ANSWER Coalition organizer and a Sacramento State University graduate, the event is aimed at shedding light on the amount of money the federal government spends on wars and occupations in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, while vital social programs are being slashed and millions are unable to find jobs,

“The Answer Coalition is working in association with local activism groups such as the Sol Collective and the Sacramento Peace Coalition to bring together the voice of ‘the working class people’ to be heard at the protest,” said Hernandez.

The Answer Coalition advocates socialized programs that support education and health care for the masses, according to Hernandez, and believe while everyone is welcome to take part in the rally, students are the body of support needed to drive this event and provide the energy needed to express the opinions of this cause.

“Students are the future and historically the students push for progress by voicing their opinion,” said Hernandez. “The U.S. pulled out of Vietnam because of the power of demonstrations just like this.”

Hernandez said, the ANSWER Coalition is interested in involving AB540 students, undocumented students who qualify to pay in-state tuition fees for school, in the protest in order to bring together as many like-minded people as possible.

“AB540 students are important and we stand in solidarity with them,” Hernandez said.

The national ANSWER Coalition was formed Sept. 14, 2001, in San Francisco and consists of hundreds of organizations across the country.

The Federal Building is located at 501 I street. For more information call 530-400-8823.