Changes in RT schedule provide more flexibility

Printed white and yellow Sacramento lightrail schedules placed in rows.Regional Transit schedules are located inside the west entrance of Rodda Hall North. RT is extending route times which will help students who use the trains for their late night travel. Photo by Evan E. Duran |

Sacramento Regional Transit District recently began the first step of a five-year service plan to restructure public transportation, including the restoration of bus routes that will run until midnight, to better service riders and the community.

“These services will run through every campus at night including Sac State, Cosumnes and Folsom [Lake],” said Mike Wiley , a 35-year veteran and current general manager and CEO of RT. “Before, this wasn’t the case, but now students can enroll in night classes, get out at 10 [p.m.] and they can still get home.”

The new plan resulted in an extension of evening and night routes, an increase of frequency on highly utilized bus routes, and additional route changes.

“With Transit renewal we weren’t focused on just one demographic of set riders, we were looking to impact all graphics of people,” said Alane Masai, public information officer of Sacramento RT.

The new services will especially be beneficial for riders who take RT at night and on weekends. Both City College light rail routes and nine local bus routes have extended their times.

Wiley added that the new plan’s inclusion of more frequent routes will also improve on overcrowding of buses and light rail cars as well as provide shorter wait times because several bus routes will arrive at 15-minute intervals instead of 20.

According to RT representatives, this is the first time RT has made changes and improvements suggested by customer and community input. A comprehensive and operational analysis, called Transit Renewal, was given to the community and allowed responders the opportunity to provide feedback.

City College English literature student, E. White, explained why the new services will make life a lot easier for many students.

“This definitely benefits me totally; I take the light rail all the way to my house in the north,” said White. “I save so much on gas and I am happy about the services at night too since so many people have lives after 9 [p.m.]”

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