Multimedia and beyond
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 26

Although it has been several years since Nick Hunte graduated from City College as a multimedia student and Express editor, he says City College is what led to his success in photojournalism, landing three jobs and working on his up-and-coming film project.

Dressed in a black jacket with a light blue Sacramento Kings shirt underneath, the photojournalist, student tutor and part-time City College student’s casual, laidback and friendly personality stands out as he discusses his passion for journalism,photography and sports.

Hunte originated from Queens, New York. He and his family moved to Sacramento after Kindergarten.

“I pretty much grew up here,” Hunte says.

Determined to continue chasing after his dreams in multimedia, Hunte keeps his days busy, working for the Roseville Press Tribune newspaper and Lifetouch photography. He also does film for the River Cats, and is in the process of creating his first Kickstarter video project with his friend and Sacramento Kings hip-hop dancer Isela, who asked the Express not to use her last name.

Hunte, who attended City College from 2004 to 2008 and is still involved on campus as a student tutor for a multimedia course, says he enjoyed writing for the Express because it…» Read More

Black History Month highlights inclusion of all races
By | Features Editor
Feb. 26

February is Black History Month. January marked Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Last December, Nelson Mandela died. The contributions of black world leaders are part of the ongoing conversation and have been for decades.

Yet leaders like King and Mandela resonate with the world because their messages go beyond skin color, believe City College academics. When Nelson Mandela accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, he described the similarities in his intents and those of his fellow Nobel winner, “statesman and internationalist, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

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City College pitcher awarded highest honor
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 26

The California Community College Athletic Association announced Jan 28 that it has selected City College pitcher Dan Sayles to receive its annual Scholar Athlete of the Year award for 2013.

The CCCAA Scholar Athlete of the Year award is the highest honor a community college athlete can receive, according to the organization.

The CCCAA only considers athletes who maintain a GPA above 3.5, demonstrate outstanding citizenship characteristics by participating in college and community activities, participate in at least two seasons of a sport at a California community college, and are strongly recommended by three people from the college, according to the CCCAA handbook.

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By | Staff Writer, Copy Editor
Feb. 26

A young couple paused by the doors of the Student Center Monday, eyeing the red and black poster advertising the “Health and Love A-Faire” inside.

“Hey, wanna go in there?” the young man nudged the young woman on his arm.

“No,” she replied with obvious derision. “I already know everything that I need to know.”

City College’s Sex Positive Week, which took over the Student Center and Learning Resource Center Feb. 10–13, sought to change that view. Instead of addressing sex through a lens of frustration, guilt and shame, presenters and event coordinators aimed to show sex as a natural, good and enjoyable part of life.

“I think people are a little bit scared to come in,” City College Counselor Richard Yang said while sitting behind a table at the event.

However, those who braved the threshold seemed to enjoy themselves.

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Panthers fan shows 16 years of pride
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 26

Bright lights reflect off hardwood floors, scoreboards and shot clocks light up, and the crowd anxiously anticipates the start of the game. The bleachers are filled with alumni, friends and family of players from both home and visiting teams, and fans of basketball. This is the typical scene for home games at City College.

And Randy Hicks, 49, is usually part of that scene, taking his place among the crowd of cheering fans. Hicks, who has been attending games since 1998, said he uses his love of sports and cheering for the many City College athletic programs as a form of therapy to help himself cope with a painful disability.

Most fans that come to the games at City College are currently students or alumni, but Hicks has never attended classes, nor does he have a relative that has. In fact, he has absolutely no connection to City College other than living the area.

“When I moved up the road I said, you know what? City’s here, this is my school. There’s a lot of history here,” said Hicks. “There’s a lot of history at Sac City.”

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Panthers win in walk off
By | Sports Editor
Feb. 23

The Panthers came from behind to win Thursday as third baseman Jerrod Bravo drove in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning, giving the Panthers a walk-off victory over Butte College 6-5.

The Panthers struck early, scoring three runs in the third inning off a homerun from center fielder Jared James and a two RBI double from cleanup hitter Robbie Link.

Starting pitcher Nate Berumen threw seven strikeouts in 4 1/3 innings before he faltered in the fifth. In the top of the fifth a Roadrunners rally got them four runs to take the lead at 4-3.

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Panthers take Golden Eagles
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 20

After a slow start, City College’s softball team dominated Feather River College Feb. 15 with a final score of 12-3.

In the first inning of play, the Panthers had two doubles and a runner on third. An error by Feather River College allowed the runner on third to score, ending the first at 1-0

After some wild pitches and an earned run in the second inning by Panthers’ starting pitcher Meghan Wantz, City College softball coach Tim Kiernan decided to bring freshman pitcher Erikka Burke to the mound.

“(Burke) shut them down,” said Kiernan. “She came in, and stopped them and got the win.”

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City politics
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 18

Textbook costs, Scantron vending machines and the price of parking permit were among issues addressed Feb. 5 during City College’s Student Senate public meeting.

According to Secretary of Public Relations Gavin Fielder, the issues this spring 2014 semester are not the same as those of last semester.

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Teaching art can be an art unto itself
By | Guest Author
Feb. 15

Imagine receiving a phone call from an old friend, who at that moment is a contestant on the hit TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” You’re his only phone call, what the show calls a “lifeline.” Anxiously, he reads you his question: “Who was history’s most prolific self-portraitist?”

Van Gogh? Michelangelo is another choice. However, the 22 years you spent in school, the other five years spent in museum curatorship—and your gut—tell you the answer must be Rembrandt. After all, he did paint more than 60 self-portraits over the course of his lifetime.

Host Regis Philbin asks, “Is that your final answer?”

“Yes,” your friend replies.

It’s quiet on the set for what seems like an eternity.

“That is correct!” Philbin booms.

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Design makes smart of art
By | Staff Writer
Feb. 15

The current exhibition, “Design” at City College’s Kondos Gallery, features functional art pieces of four designers. Each piece displayed through Feb. 27 shows off the possibilities of stylized design in the home.

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