Honoring the dead, exploring cultural art
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Dec. 16, 2013

CITY COLLEGE STUDENTS MARKED the midpoint of fall semester with an interactive workshop at the Cultural Awareness Center.

As leaves changed colors and fell,local artist, activist and teacher Xico Gonzales led a classroom of more than 40 students in making papier mâché masks to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos.

“Other than the students coming here just to do art, we teach them the skills to create a community and come together,” says Gonzales. “Somebody will make a mask for someone who comes in today, and then hopefully that person will turn around and teach someone else … so it’s all about creating a community.”

Student Rose Castaneda, liberalstudies major, also believes the annual event is a communal upbringing while teaching the community about Mexican and Latino culture.

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Free Library Scans
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 13, 2013

Do you have a USB, and are you tired of spending 10 cents for a copy of a document?

Now, students can scan directly to their personal flash drives for free on the scanners in the Learning Resource Center’s (LRC) second floor.

Students can plug in any USB device with memory, and copy scan reserved books, reference books or other books not intended for general circulation. Two printers, #3 and #5, have the function, and they are to the right after you go up the stairs to the second floor.

“It’s a boon to the students,” said Ben Wingard, who provides help at the Reference Desk on the second floor of the LRC. “This saves the campus paper. We’re a little lighter on resources.”

“It’s a good way for the campus to be green and save paper.” Wingard added.

As part of another student Senate initiative, scanning has already been enabled at the other three Los Rios campuses.

“It’s super exciting. I use them,” said Page Schlicht, the student senator in charge of Legislative Affairs.

“On top of that, you save money. That’s the biggest thing, you don’t pay 10 cents per scan and it doesn’t use up any paper…» Read More

Duval Clear, "Masta Ace," takes on the music industry
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 13, 2013

In collaboration with Rock The School Bells and the Low End Theory Collaborative, hip-hop legend Duval Clear, known by his stage name, Masta Ace hosted a lecture at City College on Dec. 9.

Ace touched a variety of different things regarding the business of music, including how to stay relevant, reinventing yourself, and how to not be afraid of taking chances by pushing the envelope musically.

The Brooklyn MC first received notoriety in 1988 as a member of the Juice Crew, which released one of the most renowned hip-hop songs of its era The Symphony, produced by Marley Marl. The track also featured other pioneers of hip-hop Craig G, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane.

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The new club that gives back to the community
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 12, 2013

There is a new club on campus and it’s determined to help the community.

Rotaract has only been a club at City College for a few weeks, but is already making big strides to help others.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Rotaract handed out turkeys and other food, along with clothes, blankets coats, and toys to more than 400 families at the West Sacramento Children’s Alliance Center, along with the centennial rotary club of West Sacramento.

“When you see everybody smile, it makes you forget how sore you are,” said Monica Sepulveda, the president and founder of Rotaract. She has been giving back at Thanksgiving for years now. Sepulveda is a communication major and hopes to go to law school.

On Nov. 15, the group had a bicycle rodeo at South Port Elementary. Club members handed out bicycle helmets provided by U.C. Davis and gave tips on how to be safe on the road.

Rotaract is planning a variety of events in the upcoming semester, such as hosting a Water Walk, which will raise donations for people around the world who have to walk long distances to get water. A meals-on-wheels program is in the works, as well as working with…» Read More

Christmas traditions
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Dec. 12, 2013

All around the world as the year draws to a close, people from many different countries and walks of life prepare to celebrate their winter festivals.

One of the most commonly known and celebrated event is Christmas, a special time of the year with many different meanings and variations. A common theme is the giving and receiving of gifts between loved ones. At its core, Christmas is a holiday adopted by the Christian religion as a time of celebration of the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ.

The holiday’s influence spreads far and wide and Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate it. Some people feel it’s hypocritical for non-Christians to celebrate Christmas. However, the middle of winter has been a time of celebration around the world for a long time. Even as far back as the time of the Roman Empire, Roman pagans would celebrate the holiday Saturnalia with a great feast during a weeklong celebration in honor of the god Saturn.

According to the “Origin of Christmas” webpage Simpletoremember.com: “Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week-long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.”

The Norse in Scandinavia would celebrate Yule from the winter solstice on Dec. 21…» Read More

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Dec. 11, 2013

Imagine waking up early before the sun has risen. Frost still covers your car. You arrive one half-hour early to prepare for a 10-hour day. First, you defrost your frozen hands on a hot cup of coffee. Next, you get paperwork ready for newcomers before you fetch the wing commander to start training.

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Tuskegee family continues to fly to new heights
By | News Editor
Dec. 11, 2013

REPLICAS OF FAMOUS AIRPLANES hang from the ceiling of a former McClellan aircraft hangar, punctuated by the one with the tail painted red. Formally dressed people of every age and skin tone mingle with active service members and, maybe most significantly, older black men in red jackets with a very special historic insignia on the breast.

The Color Guard places the flags of the United States and California at each side of a small table with a single place setting, candle and another American flag.

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Stumbling onto success
By | Guest Writer
Dec. 11, 2013

This is the man who saw it all. He has been everywhere, and he has tried it all.

He sits down to enjoy his morning coffee at Starbucks after a life full of adventures.

“I’ve lived many lives,” says Harold Knox, an 87-year-old English professor who has been teaching at City College for 46 years.

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New officer on duty
By | Staff Writer
Dec. 11, 2013

City College has a new officer making the rounds, and he says he’s determined to show the best side of the school’s police department.

“We’re college police, but we’re community police too,” says Sam Esquibel, who works the evening shift on campus.

When he was a kid living in Missouri, Esquibel and his mom and two brothers stayed in an old church run by the Salvation Army. Every year, state troopers would come for Christmas to buy the kids presents and this inspired Esquibel to give back to the community, he says.

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A passion for fashion
By | Editor-in-Chief
Dec. 11, 2013

FOR MANY STUDENTS, ATTENDING a community college isn’t just about completing coursework and earning a degree.

It’s also about exploring one’s passion and establishing business relationships that can last a lifetime.

City College sophomores Daniel Ocampo, sociology major, and Johnny Sam, flight technology major, met in English Writing 100 this semester and have since turned their friendship into a business venture, a clothing line called Stayseen Collective, that they hope will become a local phenomenon.

Ocampo says it took about four years to find someone who was serious about starting a business with him. He explains that the idea for the name came to him shortly after he graduated high school while he was considering the creation of a YouTube channel with some friends. Later, Stayseen Collective became the name of the clothing line.

“I just want to be visual,” said Ocampo.

But Ocampo says the people he originally worked with weren’t willing to commit to the venture as much as he would have liked, and it wasn’t until he met his friend and business partner, Sam, that the idea took off.

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