Nice ride

Students park and lock their bikes at the main quad bike racks. Photo by Monica Lungu.

Students park and lock their bikes at the main quad bike racks. Photo by Monica Lungu.

Students with bikes have less stress

Chris Fiala | Sports Editor

All too often you hear people on campus talking about how long it took them to find a parking spot. People interrupt class when they walk in late because they couldn’t find a parking spot on time.

Many of us probably lose sleep at night worrying about the annoying parking situation at City College. But believe it or not there are people who don’t have this aggravation in their lives.

Bike racks are plentiful, unlike parking spaces, around campus, and those who use them have no complaints.

“I just ride up, lock my bike, and walk to all my classes,” says English major Jason Negrette. “Luckily I live close enough to campus to ride my bike. Not everybody does.”

It is true that many, if not most, of City College’s students have to drive because they are coming from distances where it would not be practical. But if you can ride your bike, it seems to be a pretty beneficial option.

“It’s a pretty damn good deal if you think about it,” says Janelle Hollinger. “I don’t have to pay money to park, I get exercise and I never have to worry about traffic.”

It’s safe to say that students who drive to campus would take one, if not all of those benefits over having to pay $30 for a parking pass that will allow them to park in a parking lot where it may take up to 20 minutes to find a spot.

But what do the poor souls who have to drive to campus everyday have to say?

“I’m jealous,” says Jason Hutchinson. “He has to leave 15 minutes before his class starts, he cruises right to the bike rack and never has anything hold him up.”

Most drivers will admit that they are at least a little jealous, but then again there isn’t a lot most can do about it. So for now, all drivers can do is pout with envy, as they sit waiting for a parking spot while biking friends ride free.