More representation for student clubs

The Clubs and Events Board (CAEB), has taken over the roll of the former Inter-Club Council giving the clubs more representation on campus. Mike Nicholson |

At the start of the 2011 fall semester City College replaced the Inter-Club Council with the entirely new Clubs and Events Board to promote and give clout to the clubs on the City College campus.

“The clubs will have more representation on campus as far as funding goes,” said the club’s Secretary of Public Relations Jeannette Carpenter.

The newly created CAEB staff is led by President Taylor Valmores who is pushing to promote student life and provide clubs with full representation. CAEB is one of three elements that make up the Student Associated Council. The other two are the Joint Budget Committee and the Student Senate.

CAEB has taken over the role of the former ICC, but is more heavily involved, Carpenter said. But CAEB holds more power within its by-laws and holds the key to a bigger budget yielding opportunities to bolster the club and social scene at City College, Carpenter said.

CAEB is currently establishing a set of by-laws with hopes to create a more welcoming environment for clubs participate in the public meetings and with more  opportunities to lobby for funding, said Carpenter.

As various clubs come together and put on events the CAEB board will endorse those events to show that CAEB is a group ready to help clubs, accomplish goals and be an overall effective organization on campus, said Carpenter.

Each semester CAEB will receive its budget from the S.A.C. general funds account, said CAEB President Taylor Valmores.

The possible budget breakdown would leave CAEB with 65 percent of the S.A.C.’s total budget, according to Valmores.

Since CAEB is so new, there are still positions that are in the process of being filled, said Valmores. Right now, the club has three project leaders with a need for seven more.

“We are interested to hear from anybody,” Valmores said.

“Project Leaders are hopefully going to be in charge of specific events,” Valmores said. “They would coordinate between the clubs, get stuff set up, and talk to the secretarial board to put up PR. Hopefully, they will be specific, and we [president and vice-president] will be the big picture.”

CAEB consists of the president and vice-president, or executive cabinet, the secretarial cabinet, and the project leaders and club representatives, said Valmores.

Each clubs is able to send a representative to CAEB meetings to be involved in the organization.

“As of now approximately 15 out of 40 clubs are sending representative to the meetings, but we hope to have more,” Valmores said.