Letter to the editor

A few points of contention regarding the May 1st editorial:
 So, what this article is glossing over is the fact that since Obama took office, funding for education has decreased. There are no sharp barbs for the president and democrats who allowed this to happen while they held power with two out of three government branches for two years (2008-10). What was mentioned is that Republicans have a majority in the house of reps, which would lead me to believe that the GOP was complicit in the education cuts and that they forced Obama’s hand in making them. There is blame to go around for our government’s failing, to omit the Democrats while naming Republicans as part of this problem’s genesis is a little depressing to me. Its not hard to imagine why though, Republicans are such an easy target for California college students with leftist sympathies.
In the same paragraph you say that its important for the less fortunate to obtain a higher education to compete in the workforce. This is true, however, how much would the value of higher education be worth if everyone took part? Its the exclusivity of the club that brings on the perks. I honestly would not go to college if every Tom, Dick and Harry were part of this club by default.. I’d probably do something vocational at that point because the value of higher education would become inflated.
Its asked in the article why the government shouldn’t help hardworking people pay off their student debt. As a one off stimulative measure during hard times, a good argument could be made for this. However, temporary acts of charity often become entitlements in our “gimme gimme” culture. While I can empathize with those burdened by student loans, they were the ones who sought the burdens.. and they are adults. Should government really be playing the role of ‘responsible parent’ when it’s just as (if not more) fiscally irresponsible as the people they are trying to protect?
Tax breaks for wealthy Americans are a little bit more complex than simply rewarding the rich. It is a stimulative measure. Since rich people are responsible for the lion’s share of our countries employment opportunities, the more money they can save the more money they have to expand their work force and reap themselves more profits. Even if the Express board doesn’t agree with this, the class warfare rhetoric in this article is overly simplified.
It should also be worth mentioning Republican nominee and possible future president Mitt Romney also supports the cap of student loan interest at 3.4
Caleb Stark
History Major