Kelps’ album ‘Head Like a Mouse’ turns some… heads

In Oct. 2011, The Kelps released their first album, “Head Like a Mouse,” and it’s definitely going to have some heads turning with some very intriguing lyrics and a style that’s far from mainstream.
Listening to them is like riding a roller-coaster of blues, funk and rock’n’roll, with a story in every song. Cory Barringer’s vocals flow in tune with his guitar and Cameron Betts is positively rhythmic on bass, and its all complemented by Tony Reyes, who never misses a beat on the drums.
The first track “After the Show,” is a prequel to track eight “After the Motorcar,” and made me feel like I was at Woodstock with its slow, hypnotic rhythm; and the story like lyrics such as “I cut his brakes outside the restaurant.” Ok, so maybe the lyrics weren’t quite “Woodstock,” but what makes The Kelps so unique is their willingness to express themselves in a contentious fashion that sounds so good, you won’t care.
Their fifth track “Blood Poem,” is a prime example of this as it starts out in an almost endearing conversation between boyfriend and girlfriend and ends in delightful insanity.
I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anything like The Kelps, and I probably never will again. While The Kelps’ style might not be for everyone, if you can appreciate a unique slightly twisted take to music, then you wont be disappointed with these pioneers of the music industry.

You can download or listen to The Kelps on Facebook.