GCOM students showcase election art

Posters created by students for the upcoming elections.

Don Button’s Graphic Communication class created posters for the upcoming elections, which can be viewed on the third floor of Learning Resource Center until November 6, 2012. Evan E. Duran | evaneduran@gmail.com

The City College Graphic Communication Department is hosting a showcase of creatively inspired posters representing the upcoming presidential election.

The Design the Vote showcase started Oct. 24 and will end on Election Day, which is Nov. 6. The posters are displayed on the third floor of the Learning Resource Center.

Graphic Communication professor Don Button, who first designed the showcase as a class project, said it was a good idea for students to showcase their hard work beyond the classroom so the community can see it and reflect upon it.

Button said he expects his students to learn how to communicate and use their creativity to participate in the democratic process.

“Learning how to use design to promote an idea or cause, it’s about voting, choosing any topic on the ballot to promote a poster about what to vote,” said Button.

More information on the project or how to get involved in graphic communication is available by contacting Don Button at (916) 558-2415 or buttond@scc.losrios.edu.