Fall Fashion at City College

Nursing major Nikki Parmar shows off her fall apparel in the Quad. Photo by Ulysses Ruiz | Staff Photographer

Fall is here in Sacramento, and despite the unseasonably warm weather, there are still some delightful fall fashion trends on display on campus. Check out some City College students’ style preferences for the colder months:

“Probably hats and flannels with black jeans, are my fall go-to.”


Nikki Parmar, Nursing Major

“I usually wear ripped jeans, if they’re not ripped they’re boring.”


Fnu Sagar


“Patterns and colors are my go-to for fall.”


Isabella Engel, Undecided Major

“Comfortable, dark, simple and sporty.”


Christopher Abaya, Business Major

“Depends on how I feel. If I’m comfortable, jeans, t-shirt, cardigans. If I’m feeling positive, I dress up.”

img_5369Jaime Vue, Psychology Major 

“Casual, brown earth tones is what I wear for the fall.”


Emmanuel Agustus, Criminal Justice

“Sweaters and scarves are my go-to for fall.”


Anayelli Garcia, Early Childhood Development

“Anything that’s layered for cold mornings and for hot evenings. Always over the knee boots.”


Kayla Drexel, English Lit Major

“Lots of yellow, sweaters and jeans for the fall.”

Trey Crim, Photography Major

“Lots of brown, cardigans and skirts is what I usually wear in the fall.”


Rebecca Herrera, Biology Major



“For fall I mostly wear jeans, sweaters and jackets.”

img_5373Derek Arriaga, Engineering Major

“Blue, Ripped jeans”

img_5375Weihao Su, Math Major

Photos by Ulysses Ruiz, reporting by Casandra Garcia