Don’t get mad, just say ‘FML’

Complimentary Image from FML

It’s that angry feeling you get when you’re sitting in class and then out of the blue, the professor throws a pop quiz in the middle of class. Worst of all, you have no clue what has been going on. It’s perfect times like these when someone can say “FML!”

FML, an acronym for the saying “F*#% My Life,” has become a hit word in the pop culture world. Not only has the word been seen on people’s Facebook newsfeeds, but it has its own official web page, An individual can go on the Web page and post anything that stirs that FML feeling.

People like the website because they can share funny stories and their feelings.  City College student Monica Belmonte feels that there is no negative connotation to the word and it’s a word that she uses frequently in unfortunate situations.

“I don’t think of the term in a bad way. I actually use it quite often,” Belmonte says. “I actually just used it yesterday. I was leaning down to pick up my niece and at the same she jumped up for me to catch her. She headbutted me right in the eye. I then said, ‘Cool, now I’m gonna have a black eye for Thanksgiving.  FML!’”

People use the term FML to show emotion. It’s mostly used when something they didn’t want happens, According to an entry from the FML website,  “Today, a little girl pointed to the acne on my face and said to her dad, ‘Look at how many misquito bites she has on her face.’ FML.”

While some people always use the word after a mishap, most people don’t take the slang literally, like City College student Lauren McGill.

“It’s kind of like saying ‘God, why’d I do that?” McGill says. “Or something along the lines of regretting an action, or emphasizing something big that has happened.”